My New Year’s Wish: Make 2017 The Year of Love


Happy New Year! As I read though my social media feeds this week, all I see is negativity around 2016.  Yes, there have been a lot of celebrity deaths. Unfair things happened to all of us.  There have also been high points, but so many are focusing on the negative. My wish for all of your in 2017 is simple: I want more love.

As a blog geared towards couples, it may seem obvious that I’d want love to play a major role in our lives. But I don’t just mean the love you share with your significant other.  I want more people to start listening to their own hearts. This goes beyond the idea of mindfulness. This is Mind-Loveness.

Let’s take a minute to talk about the Mind-Heart Connection. Too many times I hear from friends, colleagues, and clients everything they “Hate” about themselves or others.  When we use the word “hate” to describe something or someone, we create a point of fixation.  We become angry towards ourselves or someone else. And that increases levels of stress hormones, leading to negative signals being released in the body causing unnecessary stress, poor digestion, slow metabolism, and restless sleep. In short, hateful hearts cause angry minds.  When you’re angry or upset, do you tend to make the best decisions?

Instead, let’s put more focus this year on things and people that we love. And there’s no better way to start than with the person you should love most of all: YOURSELF.  Here are three simple ways to bring more love into your life.

Remove Negative Talk

The only cleansing I want to hear people doing in 2017 is the purging of negative thoughts. The mind and heart are connected, so an angry mind can lead to a hateful heart. First step to opening yourself up to more love is to get rid of the negative thoughts weighing us down.  Do any of these ever enter your mind?

  • I hate…
  • Wish I could change…
  • This is a bad food…
  • I’m fat…
  • All I eat is crap…
  • My body is full of toxins…
  • This person doesn’t like me because…

Take a moment to write all these thoughts down on a piece of paper. Yes, every singe nasty thought. Then take that paper, rip it into a hundred teeny, tiny pieces and throw it into the trash.  YOU are not words. You are a human being with a heart, so use it.

Focus on What YOU Love

There is nothing that makes me more sad than talking with someone who tells me all the foods they used to love, but now never eat. No, it’s not because they developed some allergy. It’s because they told themselves they can’t have it. Self-restriction is a plan for failure when it comes to a healthy eating lifestyle. We tell ourselves stories about why we can’t have certain things, instead of finding the pleasure in them.  If you open your heart and mind to the things you love and can have, it will never feel like you’re missing out. Just learn how to enjoy them smartly.


Finding things that you love is what creates motivation to keep doing them. If you find a form of physical activity you enjoy doing, then you won’t have to give yourself a pep talk every time to do it.  As someone who truly was unhappy working professionally in the advertising industry, I can tell you that finding and following my passion for nutrition and fitness made all the difference in the world to me physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. No matter if you have a hobby or your hobby is your career, make sure to find something you truly love and do it!

Learn to Love Again

I have a lot of clients who have told themselves what they can’t have so many times, that when I teach them it’s OK to have items they enjoy, they tend to fight me on it. It’s like my clients would prefer I tell them to eat grilled chicken and steamed broccoli for the rest of their lives, rather than hearing me say it’s ok to add half a baked potato (yes, a WHITE ONE!) to go along with it.

As someone who grew up with a lot of food and eating issues, it took me a LONG 2017time to learn to enjoy food again.  The first thing I had to do was remove major sources of stress and unhappiness in my life.  The next things I did was surround myself with people who loved me for ME.  And when I was around these people, I felt love for both them and myself. As a result, food was no longer an enemy. Food started to become something that tasted good to me, and came with happy memories. And now, you can’t have a conversation without me sharing a recipe or a favorite restaurant.  But it was once I stopped the BS stories in my head and found love for myself that I could find comfort in enjoying food.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Learn to love again – yourself, the people around you, what’s on your plate, and your passion for life. Rekindle a romance with that hobby you love doing but told yourself, “There’s not enough time.”  Remember – there’s always time for the people and things we love. Help make the Mind-Heart connection stronger this year, and practice Mind-Loveness as we enter 2017.

This mantra reminds us that we can transform impure thoughts, body, and speech into pure ones by changing our attitude. 


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  1. Wonderful post! I couldn’t agree more. We can all work towards shifting our thoughts to positive messages rather than negative ones and practicing love daily. Namaste 🙂

  2. This is such a motivational post. Yes, I def need to focus on the more positive things that surrond me in my life, and remove any negative thoughts and relationships.

    Thanks for sharing love

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