Beach Etiquette 101


As part of my Jersey Shore Date Nights series, today I’m talking about the #1 tourist attraction we have here at the shore – our beaches! If you and your significant other are planning on spending the day or taking a longer vacation at the beach, check out these tips for being a good beach guest.

Happy July 4th Weekend! Going to the beach this weekend to celebrate? As a Jersey Shore Girl, you know I love my beach. However, over the summer months we get a million invaders – I mean visitors.  And while I love the energy that comes to the shore over these months and meeting new people through SUP classes, the ability to relax on the beach can be challenging.  Therefore, Mr E and I have decided to share our Beach Etiquette 101 rules for those of you planning to visit our beloved Jersey Shore this summer. (PS- We are not lake or river people, nor have we ever been. I’m not sure if these same rules apply, but common courtesy never goes out of style.) Continue reading “Beach Etiquette 101”

BBQ food safety

Practice Safe BBQ – Outdoor Food Safety Tips


Happy Memorial Day – the unofficial kick-off to summer!  Unfortunately today’s rainy weather makes it feel more like a gloomy spring day than a summer celebration, but Mr E and I know better days are around the corner. Being a resident of the Jersey Shore, we get more excited for this time of year than the holidays.  Sitting on the beach, dining al fresco, and food safetywaterfront happy hours listening to some guy play a guitar are just a few of our favorite things.  And if you’re like me and Mr. E, there’s probably a BBQ or 3 you’ll be hitting up over the next week.  Read on for some food safety tips for keeping your BBQ (and guests!) safe this MDW.

Continue reading “Practice Safe BBQ – Outdoor Food Safety Tips”

leftover easter eggs

Egg-cellent Uses for Leftover Easter Eggs


Happy Day After Easter to all my happy couples out there! If you took part in the tradition of dyeing Easter eggs, chances are you may have a lot of leftover eggs around (especially if you had a lot of ambitious little helpers with your dyeing). Now that the bunny has come and gone, it’s time to put those leftover hardboiled eggs to use. Continue reading “Egg-cellent Uses for Leftover Easter Eggs”

new year

Foods to Help You Get Lucky in the New Year


Happy New Years Eve!  As we prepare to say goodbye to the current year, don’t forget to ring in the new year with some of these foods that are traditionally enjoyed among many cultures to promote good luck in the upcoming year.  And a few that are recommended to avoid.  No matter what you and your significant other’s plans are for the new year, perhaps aim to include one or more of these foods in your New Year’s Eve celebration. Continue reading “Foods to Help You Get Lucky in the New Year”


Nourishing Grief


The holidays are intended to be a fun time for couples.  Buying presents for each other. Going to parties. And spending time with family. However, over the years, both Mr E and myself experienced holiday grief.  Two years ago, Mr E’s mom passed away a few days before Christmas, after losing his father 16 months prior.  And exactly 1 month ago today, I was forced to say an unexpected goodbye to my father a few days before Thanksgiving.  You know what’s not fun? Losing a parent right before a holiday, forced to celebrate the holiday, and then hold a funeral in the days after.  So what is the best way to nourish grief around the “happiest time of the year”? Continue reading “Nourishing Grief”


Boozy Brownies with Irish Coffee Whipped Cream


About 99% of the recipes and content on this blog are health-focused. But as I love to preach moderation, here’s one that is definitely a “sometimes” treat.  Enjoy!

A few years ago, Mr E and I had a party and wound up with an obscene amount of leftover beer. There was so much we couldn’t even fit it all in our fridge and had to keep our extra large cooler outside filled with ice to keep the beer from going bad. If there’s one thing Mr E and I hate to see, it’s beer gone to waste.   So for the next month, I aimed to cook as many meals as possible that involved beer in the recipe. Since then, I have been slightly obsessed with coming up with new beer-themed recipes. So this year for the holidays, when we were invited to a party with Mr E’s brother and his wife’s super-Irish family, I decided this was the perfect crowd to trial a new recipe that I’d had in my head: Boozy Brownies with Irish Coffee Whipped Cream.  Continue reading “Boozy Brownies with Irish Coffee Whipped Cream”

Spend the Holidays

Where to Spend the Holidays


Holidays can be a challenge as relationships become more serious.  You would like to be together with your significant other, but also have family obligations.  Maybe you’ve never met your significant other’s family, and this could be the first opportunity to meet them.  Or now you’re married and need to determine who will get your attention for each holiday.  How do couples decide where to spend the holidays? Continue reading “Where to Spend the Holidays”


Mindfulness Matters During the Holidays


Only a few days till Thanksgiving.  As preparations begin on Thanksgiving dinner, the big question is: Do you know your audience?   Continue reading “Mindfulness Matters During the Holidays”

leftover halloween candy

Why You Should Not Take Leftover Halloween Candy to Work (Plus 5 Alternative Options)


Happy Halloween!  Today is a day that kids love and many adults fear.  For most adults, Halloween is the “Gateway to the Holiday Eating Season”.  There’s still a good month to go before Thanksgiving, but depending on the candy haul that comes home tonight, there could be lots of tempting items in the home.  After you’ve taught mindfulness to your children and the Switch Witch has come and gone, what happens to all that leftover Halloween candy?  My #1 suggestion is DON’T take it to work. Continue reading “Why You Should Not Take Leftover Halloween Candy to Work (Plus 5 Alternative Options)”


Valentine’s Post-Mortem


Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  You may assume that as someone who writes a blog dedicated to couples, I would be a big softy for Valentine’s Day.  The truth is, Valentine’s is super-low in my rankings when it comes to favorite holidays.  Part of it comes from being a jaded single high schooler.  And part of it comes from my lack of understanding why I have to be forced to tell the one I love that I’m supposed to love them extra special one day a year.

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