Fall in Love with these Autumn Date Ideas


Summer love days are fading away behind us, and cool autumn days are here. Spending time with your significant other taking long walks on the beach and cooling off with ice cream is about to be swapped for hot apple ciders and fall foliage. But it’s not winter yet, so there’s still plenty of time to get out, be active, and enjoy these fall dates with your love.

Picking The One

You’ve already shown you have great taste by selecting your significant other. Now time to take those selective skills outdoors with some pumpkin or apple picking. Sometimes it’s more about the chase than obtaining your target. In this case, enjoy time meandering through apple orchards or strolling through pumpkin patches. Pick up a pumpkin or two to decorate your home. Grab some apples for quick snacks during the week. It can be easy to go overboard while apple picking and grab waaaay more apples than you need, so here’s some uses for all those apples that don’t involve making a pie:

  • Chop up apples to throw into oatmeal or enjoy as a salad topping
  • Slice up the apples and bake them to make apple chips (like my Apple Nachos)
  • Sauté apple chunks with some cinnamon to use as a topping on pancakes, waffles, or part of a yogurt parfait
  • Make applesauce
  • Throw apple chunks into your favorite slow cooker recipes for natural sweetness


Get Scared

Enjoy local Halloween attractions while snuggling up in the safe arms of your significant other.

  • Check out if local theaters or establishments are playing some of the classic horror flicks on a big screen
  • Go on a ghost or cemetery tour
  • Visit defunct sites that have been converted into Halloween attractions, such as Eastern State Penitentiary or Camp Evans army base. Be warned – some of these attractions are so interactive that characters may touch the participants, so if that’s not your thing, find out if there’s an alternative option or a “no touch” signal to give
  • Visit a Fright Fest at your local amusement park to enjoy rides along with your scare

Zombie Love

What can bring a couple closer together than running away from zombies together? Or perhaps you’ve become zombies for true eternal love. Check out a local zombie walk or fest for some seriously amazing people watching – or join in on the fun and participate. Here at the Jersey Shore, we have the Guinness Books of World Records largest Zombie Walk in Asbury Park. Definitely worth checking it out! If you’d rather run than walk, consider doing a Zombie Run together, which can range from obstacle courses to just avoiding getting your brains eaten. Keep those brains healthy and tasty by incorporating blueberries, salmon, nuts, seeds, avocados, whole grains, beans, and even dark chocolate into your melas to maintain brain health.

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Hiking Around Fall Foliage

If running isn’t your thing, strap on some hiking shoes and take a walk around your local park, mountains, or trails to view the fall foliage. Make sure to take some romantic pics to show off on Instagram! Pack a healthy picnic lunch and snacks for a romantic break to refuel, or enjoy as a post-hike treat.

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What’s fall without some beers, pretzels, and schnitzel? Enjoy local Fall Octoberfest activities by planning your week or day meals accordingly to avoid a carb overload. Add in a morning workout and make sure to eat up those veggies and fruit all week long, as the only veggies that can often be present at these events is various forms of potatoes. Work it off with some polka dancing during the festivities at your local beer garden, park, or bar Octoberfest event.


Perfect Your Palate

Explore local wineries or breweries for tastings. Get educated about the wine or beer-making process, then enjoy sampling a variety of probiotic-rich beverages. Many sites may offer indoor/outdoor settings, making it the perfect spot to spend a fall day. Check with the wineries or brewery before visits about their food policies because no one should drink on an empty stomach. Some may serve food onsite, while others may have food trucks outside or permit food to be ordered from nearby establishments. Consider packing a small picnic lunch to enjoy along with your beverages if the site allows. And if the facility specifies no outside food allowed, enjoy a healthy meal beforehand. Because a healthy meal after beer or wine tasting becomes more unlikely.

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Adult Pumpkin Picking

A few years ago, Mr E and I noticed our social media feeds were full of our friends and their families pumpkin picking. So we responded by going to a local beer tasting event, trying all the pumpkin flavored and themed beers. And so, Adult Pumpkin Picking was born. Definitely an “enjoy in moderation” activity, but a fun once a year thing to do.

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Roll Around in the Hay

Nothing says fall like a good old-fashioned hayride. From romantic, to scary, to spending a day at the pumpkin patch, check out the local hayride offerings in your community.


Cheer on the Home Team

Fall is when football, baseball, and hockey seasons all collide. If you’re into professional sports, there’s no shortage of events to see. But don’t forget about local teams either. College and high school teams can be just as exciting to watch on a chilly fall night.

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Create Heat at a Bonfire

Fall is the best time for bonfires. It’s nice enough to still be outdoors, and the heat from the flames is welcoming. Having a fire pit in your own home is cool, but it’s definitely way more fun to check out local bonfires in town to meet up with other people. And don’t forget to pack the s’mores ingredients for a must-have treat!

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