Corporate Wellness

As couples, we can sometimes lose focus of our individual wellness goals in addition to what is happening at home when it comes to stresses at work. The last thing we want to do is bring our work drama home, yet sometimes that happens. Finding a healthy work-life balance is essential not only for our own health, but the health of our relationship as well. That’s where the value of corporate wellness programs comes in.   


As a former corporate executive, Mandy is well-aware of the struggles that can be encountered with the daily stresses of our jobs and how that can interfere with intentions to be healthy. We spend a large percentage of our time at work, and poor habits at work may be impacting our health lifestyle at home and those around us.  Mandy’s approach to corporate wellness is to work with your daily schedule and seek opportunities to incorporate healthy nutrition and strategic movement throughout the day without off-setting your daily responsibilities.  Mandy can work with your HR or CEO to create a program that will increase employee productivity while decreasing sick days.  Services include:

  • Individual On-site Nutrition Counseling (potentially covered by employee health insurance benefits)
  • Lunch & Learns
  • On-site Fitness (including yoga, circuit training, and bootcamp)
  • Meditation & Stress Management
  • Cooking Demonstrations & Meal Prep
  • Keynote Speaker at Company or Industry Meetings
  • Weight Loss Challenge (including creation and implementation)


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