Scan It! 2017 Registry Recommendations

Wedding season is officially upon us. And anyone who is part of it knows that it’s never just about the wedding. There’s the events leading up to the wedding, including bridal showers If you’re one of the thousands of couples getting married this summer, then I’m sure at least one of you have spent hours stressing over items to put on your registry. Researching which pepper grinder is right for you. Making sure you both agree on that china pattern – or maybe china isn’t even on your radar.  When you’re a shower guest, you want to make sure the gift you’re giving will not only make a splash with “oohs and ahhhs” as the bride holds up each item, but want to make sure it’s something that actually gets used. Or at least put prominently on display. That’s where my annual Nutrition Nuptials Registry Recommendation comes into play!

Each year, I ask my dietitian colleagues to provide their top wish list item if they were (or maybe are!) getting married this year. With a ton of cooking enthusiasts and food bloggers in my circle, these people are always on top of the trends and spend a TON of time in their kitchens. They have the scoop on what’s useful, what’s a nice to have, and what will become a dust collector or basement/attic dweller. Without further ado, I present the 2017 Nutrition Nuptials Registry Recommendations!


A high speed blender! They were not nearly as popular as they are now back when I got married, so I only got one recently and now I find it indispensable. To think of all the things I could have been blending over the years, or all the frustration I went through with my regular blender that could have been avoided.  Personally I love my Blendtec.  I think the biggest advantage of a Blendtec is that it’s dishwasher safe (only certain Vitamix models have dishwasher safe jars, and at that they’re top rack only). I also prefer the dull blades for safety reasons – I know someone who ended up in the ER due to a deep cut she got from cleaning her sharp blender! And the Blendtec is shorter so it’s easier to store on the countertop and lighter so it’s easier to put away if need be. Beyond that, everything I read said the two brands produce really similar results in terms of blending, so I figured I’d go with the one that makes my life easier! – Diana K. Rice, RD, The Baby Steps Dietitian 

 A KitchenAid stand mixer. I love baking yeast breads, cakes, cookies……just about everything. So it’s pretty useful for that. Cuts down a lot of manual labor and makes “from scratch recipes” a joy for the home baker. I am still in love with my Vitamix and use it almost everyday for smoothies, soups, creamy gravies, desserts etc. Then these days I have been obsessed with my food dehydrator. It inspires me to create new recipes. Plenty of healthy and unique recipes one could work with.  – Roxana Begum, PhD, RD of The Delicious Crescent

Definitely a good knife set! I don’t have a specific brand in mind, but I know I could use one! A good sharp knife really makes all the difference in meal prep and cooking. I love my Vitamix too and would also recommend that. Jenna Gorham, RD, LN

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I’ve been giving all my close friends an Instant Pot! Everyone has loved it thus far because it is multifunctional and makes healthy cooking so much easier and time efficient. Gabriella Vetere, RD

In transparency, I’m a Pampered Chef consultant, and we have the best kitchen tools that last and make cooking fun and efficient! Perfect for brides (better than the stuff you get at department stores!)The Veggie Spiralizer is amazing, among many other items (mix and chop, manual Food Processor and Rock Crok. See my website for full details. – Jen Haugen, RDN, LD

I just got married and LOVE that we were gifted with a Wilton Armetale 3-Piece Salad Set! From family Thanksgiving dinners to backyard barbecues, this serveware stays cold if you want it cold (just pop it in the refrigerator or freezer) or warm if you want it warm (oven/stove safe). It allows your food to stay closer to the desired temperature too. And with fun designs on the serveware, it’s just such a pretty backdrop for beautiful green salad! – Tori Schmitt, MS, RDN and founder of YES! Nutrition

I love everything that we registered for, but there are two things on my registry that I am SO excited to receive. First, an air fryer because I think it will be so fun to create a variety of healthier air fried foods. And second, as I like to call it, a “grown up” food processor. I had my mini one for years and it just died on me, so I’m excited to get a 14-cup processor because I use it for everything! – Chelsey Amer, MS, RDN, New York City-based private practice dietitian and creator of

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Kitchenaid mixer in a fun color! I’ve had mine for almost 30 years. Still strong. It’s “almond” color (beige). I’d love a purple one but mine isn’t broken. ? I’d get the stainless bowls however.Rosanne Rust, MS, RDN, LDN, blogging at Chew the Facts 

Two things: Vitamix G series 7500 and Wustof, classic 8″ Santoku knife. Nothing beats having a reliable, heavy-duty blender and one awesome knife! – Elyse Sartor RDN, LD, creator of Eat. Move. Live. Blog

The all-clad immersion blender! I got it for Christmas two years ago and wish I had it sooner.Kelly Jones, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

I would want a huge ceiling pot rack!   Fighting to get pots and pans out of a cabinet if you live in an older house or building doesn’t start the culinary mission off on a happy foot! AND clearly one big CAUTION—one has to be careful of drilling holes in anything so you don’t get ELECTROCUTED!  – Miriam Erick, MS RDN CDE, author of Take Two Crackers and Call Me in the Morning! A real-life guide to surviving morning sickness.

Which items are on your Wish List? 

What do you recommend, and which should stay at the store?

Who’s updating their registry now based on these recommendations?

Sound off in the Comments – I love hearing from you!

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