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I have been a kickboxing trainer since 2009.  And every year I have witnessed the same pattern:

A newly engaged bride-to-be joins our gym.  She gets addicted to the workout and comes 4-6 times a week.  Maybe she even gets her fiancé to join as well, and suddenly we have a couple of addicts.  Both become toned, lean, and soon are posting before/after pictures online.  Then the big day arrives.  The bride is thrilled with how she looks in her dress and immediately tags the gym on Facebook thanking us for making her look and feel awesome on her wedding day.  The couple goes on their honeymoon… and they vanish from the gym and we’re left contemplating if we should put their photo on the back of a milk carton.  UNTIL many months (sometimes years!) later, one or two guilty-looking people appear at the front desk asking to re-start their membership because with the stress of the wedding over, they have been less physically active and eating more. Suddenly clothes aren’t fitting the way they used to, and now it’s the gym’s turn to save the day.  

It is my intention to break this cycle.  If you can go into a relationship with good health habits together, then you’re setting yourselves up for success.  And it’s not only you that will benefit, but your significant other, and potentially children (if that’s part of the plan).  In fact, children raised in families that promote healthy lifestyles are less likely to become overweight or obese.

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