Mad PROPS to August


#HIITmebaby31times was such a HIIT, I’ll be doing another workout series this August. I’ll be posting daily HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) fitness series this month (running Aug 8-26) AND make it a contest! The theme of this month is incorporating PROPS into your workout. Since I don’t believe in cost as an excuse NOT to exercise, my focus is on utilizing household items if you don’t have “official” exercise equipment at home.

Here’s how it works:

 1) Follow @mandyenrightrd on Instagram & tag 2 friends in the comments to join you (because fitness is more fun with friends!)

2) Every Sunday, I’ll be posting the weekly prop we’ll be incorporating that week
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4) Post a pic of yourself doing the daily workout tagging @mandyenrightrd and use the tag #MadPROPStoAugust. Post daily for a chance to be entered in a prize drawing to win a Wildtree healthy dinner prep bundle
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These videos will progress, so make sure to start at the beginning and grow along with me.  Keep track of your progress and see how your fitness will change over the month!  This August HIIT workout will keep you motivated as summer starts to wind down.
All workouts are intended to be done in under 15 minutes, working multiple muscle groups at once with each drill.  Modifications are provided.  Work to the best of your ability, and see how you grow over the month.

Looking for one-on-one or corporate HIIT training?  Contact ME to set up a consultation.

If you miss a day or want to repeat a workout, feel free to check back to this page for the videos. 

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Week 1 Prop: Ball

A medicine ball or any firm ball such as a basketball, soccer ball, or volleyball can be used for these exercises. 

Have A Ball: Day 1

Have A Ball: Day 2

Have a Ball: Day 3

Have a Ball: Day 4

Have a Ball: Day 5

Week 2 Prop: Broom

Anything attached to a long handle. A broom is easiest to use. I’ll be playing with my SUP paddle this week. 

Sweep Away Excuses: Day 1

Sweep Away Excuses: Day 2

Sweep Away Excuses: Day 3

Sweep Away Excuses: Day 4

Week 3 Prop: A Chair or Bench

Get Chair-ied Away: Day 1

Get Chair-ied Away: Day 2

Get Chair-ied Away: Day 3

Get Chair-ied Away: Day 4

Get Chair-ied Away: Day 5

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