Best Gift Subscriptions for Men


Taco and I often argue who it’s more difficult to shop for at the holidays: me or him. I always say as long as it involves travel, yoga, or clothes, I’m super-happy. And Taco will either just buy the things he wants, or like things out of my price range. If you’re feeling stuck finding a gift for the man in your life, and want to give him something that lasts all year long, check out these subscription options that range from stocking-stuffers to monthly lifestyle surprises. This year, think outside the wine, beer, and grilling box for your man and check out the best subscription boxes for men. Continue reading “Best Gift Subscriptions for Men”

MEkend_Nutrition Nuptials_Mandy Enright MS RDN RYT

Get Closer as a Couple by Taking a MEkend for Yourself


Every third weekend of July, Taco takes off on his annual “Gentleman’s Retreat in the Desert”. AKA his annual Boys Trip to Vegas. While I definitely wish I could be in on their party pool and club adventures, I actually look forward to the opportunity to have an entire weekend just for me. Or as I like to call it, my MEkend.

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Fall Dates | Nutrition Nuptials

Fall in Love with these Autumn Date Ideas


Summer love days are fading away behind us, and cool autumn days are here. Spending time with your significant other taking long walks on the beach and cooling off with ice cream is about to be swapped for hot apple ciders and fall foliage. But it’s not winter yet, so there’s still plenty of time to get out, be active, and enjoy these fall dates with your love. Continue reading “Fall in Love with these Autumn Date Ideas”

Staycation | Nutrition Nuptials

How To: Staycation


One of the cool things about becoming a couple is forming your own traditions. When Mr. E and I started dating, we had Sunday date night of dinner and ice cream at our favorite local shops. There were Tuesday night Beat the Clocks (which is another story for another time). And a few years ago we started Staycation.  Continue reading “How To: Staycation”

Beach Etiquette 101


As part of my Jersey Shore Date Nights series, today I’m talking about the #1 tourist attraction we have here at the shore – our beaches! If you and your significant other are planning on spending the day or taking a longer vacation at the beach, check out these tips for being a good beach guest.

Happy July 4th Weekend! Going to the beach this weekend to celebrate? As a Jersey Shore Girl, you know I love my beach. However, over the summer months we get a million invaders – I mean visitors.  And while I love the energy that comes to the shore over these months and meeting new people through SUP classes, the ability to relax on the beach can be challenging.  Therefore, Mr E and I have decided to share our Beach Etiquette 101 rules for those of you planning to visit our beloved Jersey Shore this summer. (PS- We are not lake or river people, nor have we ever been. I’m not sure if these same rules apply, but common courtesy never goes out of style.) Continue reading “Beach Etiquette 101”

SUP paddleboarding

SUPer Date!


It’s Friday! That means time to start planning out your weekend and date nights. As part of my Local Jersey Shore Date Nights series, today I’m giving a shout out to a date that adds some physical fitness. You know, before your date night leads to some physical fitness…

This week’s Date Night goes out to my favorite activity, Stand Up Paddle, more commonly known as SUP or paddleboading. Many of you know that my spirit animal is a mermaid because I spend so much time on the water teaching SUP by way of paddle lessons, SUP Yoga, and SUP Fitness (check out my teaching schedule). With summer officially here, it’s time you and your significant other took your dates to new territory – the water! Continue reading “SUPer Date!”

nice cream

Naughty & Nice Cream

This is the first in a new series of posts called Jersey Shore Date Nights. Stay tuned for posts about date night happenings right here at the Jersey Shore. Hope it provides some Date Night-spiration even if you don’t live locally. 
I grew up nearby and now permanently live at the Jersey Shore. I often have to remind myself I live somewhere where people vacation. Teaching SUP yoga and lessons often reminds me of this fact when I meet people who live near no body of water. We have beaches, restaurants, festivals, and music that causes this already active community to come alive even more once Memorial Day Weekend hits. And what summertime date would be complete without ice cream???

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Fitness Dates

Fitness Dates that Fit Your Lifestyle


With plenty of warm summer week still left to enjoy, there’s no excuses not squeezing in a little extra physical activities into your days.  From taking a walk at lunchtime to breaking out the bike for errands, those legs and feet of yours are happy to get some extra usage before they go into hibernation.  So why not get a little more physical with your significant other when it comes to planning date nights and outings?  Continue reading “Fitness Dates that Fit Your Lifestyle”

first aid

Learn First Aid: Make a Date to Save a Life


A friend and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) colleague recently started a business certifying people in CPR/AED. As a fitness trainer, I need to keep my first aid certifications renewed regularly, and I wanted to give her the business. Plus, she offered to come to my home – what’s more convenient than that??? What was more surprising, was that when I told Mr. E that someone was coming over to do the certification, he immediately asked if he could get certified as well. Continue reading “Learn First Aid: Make a Date to Save a Life”

date night

The Importance of Date Night


How often do you and your significant other enjoy a true “Date Night”? I’m not talking about a night of sitting on the couch watching a movie. I’m talking about a real, honest to goodness, get dressed and put-on-makeup kind of date.  The concept of “dating” is not just for teens, single people, or new relationships.  It turns out that dating during marriage and long-term relationships is incredibly important for strengthening the partnership. See how that one date night can truly make a difference.
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