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A Couple’s Nutrition Guide to Pregnancy Planning


Did you know January is the month when the most babies are conceived? It’s probably not a surprise. After all, when it’s freezing cold outside, there are plenty of nights when you’re cozying up together with your Significant Other indoors at home or taking romantic getaways. Add in the post-holidays state, or perhaps a recent engagement, and babies could be on the mind. Nutrition pregnancy expert and fellow dietitian Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD is sharing a guest post today all about nutrition for pregnancy planning for both future moms AND dads.

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Still Nourishing Grief 1 Year Later {Holiday Grief}


WARNING: I get real and personal on today’s blog post. I promise witty charm and silly stories will be back in my next posts. But today is all about unleashing some grief.

Today marks an anniversary I hate that I have to acknowledge. One that I never thought would have to be put on my calendar. The reason it’s hard for me to feel thankful on Thanksgiving. Today is one year since my father passed away. Continue reading “Still Nourishing Grief 1 Year Later {Holiday Grief}”


Nourishing Grief


The holidays are intended to be a fun time for couples.  Buying presents for each other. Going to parties. And spending time with family. However, over the years, both Mr E and myself experienced holiday grief.  Two years ago, Mr E’s mom passed away a few days before Christmas, after losing his father 16 months prior.  And exactly 1 month ago today, I was forced to say an unexpected goodbye to my father a few days before Thanksgiving.  You know what’s not fun? Losing a parent right before a holiday, forced to celebrate the holiday, and then hold a funeral in the days after.  So what is the best way to nourish grief around the “happiest time of the year”? Continue reading “Nourishing Grief”

Spend the Holidays

Where to Spend the Holidays


Holidays can be a challenge as relationships become more serious.  You would like to be together with your significant other, but also have family obligations.  Maybe you’ve never met your significant other’s family, and this could be the first opportunity to meet them.  Or now you’re married and need to determine who will get your attention for each holiday.  How do couples decide where to spend the holidays? Continue reading “Where to Spend the Holidays”


Guest Post: Introducing Healthy Foods at Thanksgiving


Ok, it’s crunch time.  Thanksgiving is officially one week away.  Now that you’ve been mindful of your guests and have planned the perfect menu, it’s time to get cooking.  Perhaps you’re planning to trial a new healthy item with the hopes it will be a hit with the crowd.  Or you’re the health nut going to someone else’s home with the hopes of opening the guests’ eyes to the wonders of kale/cauliflower/brussels sprouts/farro  or any other superfood trend.  How do you handle the initial resistance?  Fellow Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Katie Goldberg gives her advice for introducing new foods at the holidays on today’s Guest Blog post. Continue reading “Guest Post: Introducing Healthy Foods at Thanksgiving”


Guest Post: How to Have a Sensibly Sweet Halloween


Halloween is coming!  After countless hours of carefully planning the perfect costume and putting on the finishing touches, they will be debuted this weekend for trick or treating.  While we want kids to enjoy the holiday, many parents are concerned how to handle the mass amounts of candy that will be entering into their home.  Yesterday I wrote how those of us without kids keep Halloween healthy for all.  Now read how one fellow Registered Dietitian Nutritionist handles Halloween with her family on today’s Guest Blog post. Continue reading “Guest Post: How to Have a Sensibly Sweet Halloween”