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Still Nourishing Grief 1 Year Later {Holiday Grief}


WARNING: I get real and personal on today’s blog post. I promise witty charm and silly stories will be back in my next posts. But today is all about unleashing some grief.

Today marks an anniversary I hate that I have to acknowledge. One that I never thought would have to be put on my calendar. The reason it’s hard for me to feel thankful on Thanksgiving. Today is one year since my father passed away. Continue reading “Still Nourishing Grief 1 Year Later {Holiday Grief}”

Belmar: Before & After Superstorm Sandy


In addition to me, Mr E loves our town and photography.  When Superstorm Sandy struck, it was impossible not to take pictures of the disaster scene Belmar had become.  But what is even more amazing is how quickly the town rebounded.  Check out these shot for shot pictures Mr E took of Belmar the day after Sandy made landfall, and one year later.  Belmar: One Year After Superstorm Sandy

How can a natural disaster impact a marriage? Read our story.

Summer Bucket List


The sun is about to set on summer.  Every year, Mr. E and I create a Summer “To Do” list of things we want to do and see. Now that Labor Day Weekend is upon us, it’s time to check off what we accomplished, create a game plan for this weekend, and see what can carry over to the Fall.  How did Summer 2015 stack up?  Continue reading “Summer Bucket List”

Remember When… First Encounter


Happy #tbt!  This past weekend Mr. E and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary of meeting each other.  We met on line at a bar.  Not online.  On Line.  Like a real, physical line of people.  We were waiting to get our summer VIP cards (basically the Jersey Shore’s version of Disney’s Line Jumper pass for bars).  I asked if he was the end of the obscenely long line and stood behind him.  Over the next 2 hours of waiting, I learned pretty much everything about him.  Except his name.  But that’s for another story and another blog post.

Do you remember how you met your significant other? Where you were? What you were wearing?  Were you looking for love or was it by accident?  

Have pictures from when you first met and first started dating?  Post them online using #NutritionNuptials.

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