Fitness Dates that Fit Your Lifestyle


With plenty of warm summer week still left to enjoy, there’s no excuses not squeezing in a little extra physical activities into your days.  From taking a walk at lunchtime to breaking out the bike for errands, those legs and feet of yours are happy to get some extra usage before they go into hibernation.  So why not get a little more physical with your significant other when it comes to planning date nights and outings? 

When people think of fitness, their mind automatically goes to images of the gym or people jogging around the neighborhood.  Yes, organized physical activity is a great way to stay in shape, whether it’s attending classes or doing your own thing.  But your twosome can have a private fitness session without even knowing it.  Make fitness part of the transportation towards your journey, or make it the final destination.  Either way, keep the movement going outdoors… and who know what that may lead to indoors.

Looking for some fit-spiration when it comes to sneaking some fitness into your dates?  Check out these activities you can do as a duo and enjoy many benefits of working out together. After all that, wind down with a couples massage!


If there’s one thing Mr E and I can’t wait to do, it’s break out our bikes and go for a ride to our destinations. We’re fortunate to live in an area where biking fitness datesit encouraged. If biking isn’t a common form of transportation in your area, go somewhere to rent bikes, or pack them up for an outing. Citi bikes found in major cities like NYC and Miami are a unique way to get around and see the sights (not to mention even cheaper than Uber).

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Ok, I’m biased here because I teach SUP and basically live on my board for the Fitness Datessummer, but SUP is not only the fastest growing sport in North America, it’s one of those workouts that doesn’t feel like one.  Plus, SUP is amazing for core stability! Get together with your significant other for a paddle touring unknown territory, or select a destination to paddle towards for a picnic or outing. Mr E and I have used SUP boards as a way to travel around to local bars!


Like SUP, kayaking is another one of those sneaky activities that makes you forget you’re actually working out. Pack up the kayak and head to a romantic picnic destination. Or, you know, bar tour.


Yes, walks on the beach can sound so cliché. But seriously, did you notice Fitness Dateshow your calves felt the last time you walked on a beach? The sand and uneven turf makes walking way more challenging then just doing it around the mall.   No beach? No problem. Any romantic walk holding hands is good for the body and heart in more ways than one.


Similar to walking on the beach, hiking offers an opportunity to challenge Fitness Datesyourself by walking on uneven territory and putting your balancing skills to the test at times. Plus, taking smooch breaks under a shady tree is a nice perk!


If going for a sunrise or sunset jog isn’t your thing, consider a more motivational form of jogging. Participate in a 5K fundraiser, or do an obstacle course race, such as a color or mud run. If jogging gets you both out of the house, then learn new streets and the surrounding neighborhoods – great way to do some house hunting!


I’m not just talking about head bobbing or foot stomping. I’m talking about go all out, dance-like-no-one’s-watching type of dancing. Sure you can do this at home, but it’s way more fun out and about at a local establishment. Or, even better at a non-local location where you’re not self-conscious of running into familiar faces. Mr E and I went out to the disco one night on a recent Dominican Republic adventure, and wound up owning the dance floor that night. We were wiped out the next morning!

Rock Climbing

A great way to build even more trust with your significant other. If getting out and scaling the side of a mountain isn’t for you, check out local indoor climbing gyms that can teach you both at the same time. And then get even some competition going as you see who can climb higher.

Horseback Riding

Find your knight in shining armor as you visit a local stable to enjoy a romantic ride together. Chose a scenic trail or maybe head towards a romantic picnic. And yes, the horses may go to the bathroom along the way. Remember – babies do the same thing and people still think they’re cute!


Sign me up anytime there’s fitness and competition combined against Mr E. Except I absolutely stink at tennis and he schools me every time. But getting a lot of running helps ease the embarrassment.


I’m not going to lie – neither myself no Mr E are into golf. He prefers driving the golf cart around, and I’d rather be taking yoga pics on the green. But golf is a great way to get out and about with your honey for some added activity. And if putting on the greens isn’t your thing, ease in with some mini golf.

Batting Cages

Get him to show you his Little League skills by taking a swing at the batting cages. Or if you were a star softball player, see who can hit the most or the furthest. Can you tell I love adding a competition factor to my fitness dates?

Beach Volleyball

Competition Alert! Play against each other to see who really has the skills. OR a little friendly competition between another couple is always healthy to strengthen your bond.  Plus, I’m sure you two will give the volleyball scene in Top Gun a run for it’s money.

Partner Yoga

While I love some acro yoga playtime, partner yoga isn’t simply about balancing your partner on your feet. Partner yoga, especially between a couple, is a great way to develop a strong bond through the sensation of touch, while helping release muscle tension for increasing relaxation. And usually you and your partner get to give each other a little leg and back rub at the end!

How do you and your significant other get some fitness into your dates?  What’s your favorite activity to do together?  Share your favorite spots and links for locations in the Comments below!