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Once upon a time, there was a girl named Mandy who dreamed of becoming a famous New York City advertising executive. When she went to work in the big city after college, she was met with personal and financial successes

Mandy Unanski Enright, MS, RDN, RYT
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that rewarded her in vacations and shoes. But Mandy also encountered many challenges in her climb up the corporate ladder, most notably never-ending deadlines, demanding clients, and a loss of passion for her work.  With health starting to become compromised in favor of success, Mandy knew a change was due.

Mandy found refuge at a local kickboxing gym. She went to class, punched away stress, and trained with the masters to perfect her skills. And her efforts did not go unnoticed. One day she was asked to teach at her gym, which Mandy met with hesitation, as she was a business woman, not a fitness trainer.  But feeling bored and boxing-roundhousestuck with her current job, Mandy took on the challenge of teaching weekend classes, and found a passion for health and wellness start to become ignited within. She was helping people – and they were grateful when they achieved success with their weight loss goals. When Mandy was asked to help coach a nutrition and fitness program at the gym, she jumped at the opportunity to learn something new, and began to wonder, “What if? Maybe? Could I do THIS for a living?”

But alas, Mandy was tied to her corporate roots. She was scared to leave the comforts of her job, paycheck, and routine for something new. At almost 30 years old, who would want to go back to school and do it all over again?  Throughout this time, Mandy’s Prince Charming, Taco, knew Mandy was unhappy.  So he did what any good boyfriend does – he forced her to come up with a plan for her next move in life. But Mandy was still scared to leave her world behind.

Eventually, a decision was made for Mandy when she re-tore her ACL and surgery was required. She walked out the doors of her cushy Advertising World, and never went back. Now forced to rest and recover in bed, Mandy started working on that plan Taco told her to make. A life in fitness training alone didn’t feel quite right, so Mandy sought answers from the Nutrition World – and what she discovered was incredible. Endless opportunities, combining a love of food and fitness, and most importantly, becoming her own boss. It all sounded too good to be true – because in order to achieve this life, Mandy needed to go on a journey back to the University World.

The next 4 years placed many challenges on Mandy, and she surpassed all of10403080_10152387017269757_5768239365172883027_n them, achieving a 4.0 GPA with her motivation to NOT go back to the Advertising World. The journey capped off with a final beast to overcome – an unpaid dietetic internship and credentialing exam.  Passing the Registered Dietitian Exam gave Mandy the key to open the doors to a whole new world, one she knew she was ready to enter and change for the better.

Taco watched over Mandy’s life-changing journey, and eventually became her hubby, because he knew he wanted to marry this newly fired-up 13906946_10157189257260117_982970764376537640_nwarrior princess.  During this time, Mandy discovered 2 new passions to channel her energy: yoga and couples. Yoga became Mandy’s new place of refuge while recovering from ACL surgery. Kickboxing had become too challenging, but she had to fit into a wedding dress, and there was a yoga studio conveniently near her home.  Similar to nutrition, yoga was a new challenge that made Mandy excited. She saw how the mind-body connection fit into her new role as a dietitian, and continues to explore this into present day.

Couples became especially intriguing to Mandy, starting with her kickboxing days.  Each couple she encountered after their wedding day had difficulty adjusting to their new lives together from a nutrition and health perspective, many becoming cursed with weight gain.  During her own wedding planning process, Mandy saw newly married couples to be a key intervention point requiring extra attention that is not currently being serviced. And this freshly-minted RD wanted to help these newlyweds get on track and guide them on their life-long journey together. In order to shout her message throughout the land, Mandy coined a blog called Nutrition Nuptials.  After a long journey from the Advertising World, to the University World into the Nutrition World, Mandy’s goal is to be the one to help couples live happily, health-fully ever after.

About the Author

Hi Everyone! I’m Mandy Enright, MS, RDN, RYT, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based along the Jersey Shore.  My philosophy for nutrition and wellness is that any change can be made with the right guidance and motivation. I specialize in behavior change and educate my clients using science-based evidence.  I hold an M.S. in Nutrition Education and completed my 1200 clinical hour Dietetic Internship with Rutgers School of Health Related Professions (formerly UMDNJ), earning the Excellence for Outstanding Academic Performance award.

I spend the majority of my time going on-site to companies to assist employees with corporate wellness. This includes program design, lectures, and fitness sessions. For those looking for more personal assistance with their nutrition goals, I offer virtual coaching options.  My background includes working in clinical nutrition settings providing medical nutrition therapy to patients with various chronic diseases and acute care needs.  I serve as the the nutrition media spokesperson for NJ on behalf of the NJ Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.  I am a contributor for several media outlets, host and produce the Nutrition Nuptials Podcast, participate in speaking engagements, and conduct corporate wellness programs.

If you’re interested in teaming up, check out my List of Services or Contact ME.

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Mandy Unanski Enright, MS, RDN, RYT
Image by FindOrion Photography
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