Sexy Foods to Enjoy this Valentine’s Day


If you ask me, as long as food looks and tastes delicious, it’s sexy.  But there are also some hidden gems found in certain foods that can increase the sexiness of a meal and maybe even spark some after-dinner delight.  Certain foods have been well-researched on their aphrodisiac properties.  You probably are already away of the obvious ones- chocolate, strawberries, figs, oysters, and champagne.  Others have been found to have positive influences on our heart and brain, which in turn leads to some sexy side effects.  Whether you’re going out to dinner or staying home to avoid the Valentine’s Day hype, be sure to include a few of these sexy foods in your Valentine’s Day meals.

  1. Coffee:  Mmmm, coffee breath.  But, a study by Southwestern University has shown that caffeine stimulates the arousal trigger of the female brain in non-regular coffee drinkers.  However, be careful of the overall-stimulation effects of coffee- drinking too much or too late in the day can interfere with our beauty sleep.
  2. Eggs:  Not only do eggs provide excellent sources of protein and vitamin D, but they also contain the amino acid L-arginine, which has been shown to help treat erectile dysfunction.  Surprise your man with a healthy breakfast frittata in bed and see where the day takes you.  Likewise, caviar has also been found to have similar properties.
  3. Wheat germ:  The inner-most part of a wheat kernel, the germ is rich in vitamin E, which is often called the “sex vitamin”.  Vitamin E is not only a powerful antioxidant that protects the health of our cells, but it’s also used in balancing the production of estrogen.  This is helpful because too much estrogen can cause PMS, anxiety, bloating, headaches, muscle aches, and mood swings- you know, all those things that can send a man fleeing in the middle of the night.  Add some germ to your pancakes, muffins, oatmeal, or smoothie to an added boost.
  4. Watermelon:  This juicy fruit is found to have high levels of the amino acid citrulline, which helps form the amino acid arginine that helps to increase blood flow.  In men, this can lead to more erections, while women can have increased libido from enjoying.  Mint brings out the flavor in watermelon and can also leave you with fresh breath for kissing.  Create a salad with watermelon, fresh torn mint, and feta with olive oil and balsamic dressing lightly drizzled on top.
  5. Beets:  Ancient Romans believed that beets and their juice caused amorous feelings.  This may be due to  high amounts of the trace mineral boron that has been found to increase levels of sex hormones in the body.  Enjoy in a variety of colors and make them the star of their own salad.

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  1. Saffron:  This spice has been found to improve sexual performance.  Even though those little strands seem pricy, a little goes a long way. Soak a few threads in hot (not boiling) water for 15 minutes and add to soups, stews, or any grain dish.
  2. Steak:  Red meat definitely lands high on the moderation list due to high amounts of saturated fat and cholesterol.  But, it’s not all naughty.  Red meat contains high amounts of iron and zinc, which is beneficial for our blood, energy, and immunity.  Zinc also boosts testosterone production, which increases sex drive. Steaks tend to signify special occasions, so split a serving between you two to keep the portion size to the size of a woman’s hand- and don’t forget a side of veggies.  Filet mignon is one of the leanest cuts of meat.
  3. Spicy foods:  Chili peppers and other naturally spicy foods cause an increase in blood flow, which helps to stimulate arousal.  You don’t have to spend the night feeding each other chili peppers to feel its effects- a few crushed red pepper flakes can do the trick.  Or experiment with a few of these recipes.
  4. Asparagus:  Although these spears get an unsexy bad rap for causing stinky pee, this is caused by the aspartic acid neutralizing excess ammonia in the body, which is then filtered by the kidneys and flushed away in the toilet.  Too much ammonia can cause lethargy, which does  not make for sexy fun.  Asparagus is also packed with calcium, vitamin E, and potassium, which are all shown to help boost energy and increase sexual desires.  Enjoy steamed with some lemon juice squeezed on top for added vitamin C.
  5. Pomegranate:  A symbol of fertility and abundance because of their many seeds, pomegranates are found to help lower inflammation due to their high antioxidant properties, which also helps to increase sex drive in men and women.  Add on top of a salad or sprinkle a few seeds in some champagne to get these juicy seeds into your Valentine’s celebration. Puzzled how to properly cut one of these suckers?  Check out these step-by-step instructions.
  6. Peaches:  Yes, they may look like fuzzy butts, but peaches also contain high amounts of vitamin C, which can increase a man’s sperm count.  Frozen peaches are found to have higher amounts of vitamin C because they are frozen at their peak freshness, which comes in handy when peaches are out of season in your neck of the woods.  Enjoy a non-naughty dessert of grilled peaches and cream.
  7. Honey:  This sweet topper treat also contains sex hormone-regulating boron and nitric oxide that helps to increase blood flow and stimulation.  Enjoy on a crostini topped with ricotta and lemon zest for a tasty appetizer or on top of some grilled figs or peaches.



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sexy foods | aphrodisiacs