SUPer Date!


It’s Friday! That means time to start planning out your weekend and date nights. As part of my Local Jersey Shore Date Nights series, today I’m giving a shout out to a date that adds some physical fitness. You know, before your date night leads to some physical fitness…

This week’s Date Night goes out to my favorite activity, Stand Up Paddle, more commonly known as SUP or paddleboading. Many of you know that my spirit animal is a mermaid because I spend so much time on the water teaching SUP by way of paddle lessons, SUP Yoga, and SUP Fitness (check out my teaching schedule). With summer officially here, it’s time you and your significant other took your dates to new territory – the water!

When Mr E and I went on our honeymoon in Hawaii, one of the only things I wanted to do was learn paddleboarding. After a quick lesson and a 2-hour paddle around Hanalei Bay, I was smitten with SUP. It was relaxing! It was easy! And I can do yoga on these things! Check out Mr E and I our very first time SUPing:

The very first thing people ask me about SUP is, “Is it hard? Will I fall in?” And my response is “No and No.” I say if you can stand, you can Stand Up Paddle. Seriously – it really is that easy. I’ve taken several surf lessons and have have gotten frustrated in my inability to catch waves. This is not surfing. You’ll all be fine. So stand up and enjoy the ride.

I never like to shame people, but here’s my nephew at 11 years old paddling for the very first time. If he can do it, you can do it!

As I enter my forth year teaching for The Endless SUP Company in Belmar, I’m so excited with how much our SUP program has grown over the years.  SUP overall has become the fastest growing sport in North America! With a fantastic new location this year, we have so many awesome ways you and your significant other can enjoy a fantastic date together on the water.

SUP Lesson

If you want to learn how to SUP, book a private couples paddle lesson. Here you’ll learn the paddle basics and get comfortable on the board.  I highly suggest taking a lesson before booking any of the longer paddle outings.  Proper form and technique is key!

SUP paddleboarding
Propper form & technique is key!

SUP Yoga

This is the cornerstone of The Endless SUP Company programs. We were the first company in NJ to get certified in SUP Yoga, and people come from over an hour away to take class.  I get so many couples that come out together for classes. Or at least some very kind and supportive boyfriends/husbands who come to class with their ladies looking to cross SUP Yoga off their bucket list. The gals enjoy the SUP Yoga class, while the boys lay out and take naps on the board.  If you and your significant other are yogis or just want to play around on the board, book a private class and you’ll get a ton of pics taken to show off to your friends.

SUP paddleboarding

SUP paddleboarding

SUP Fitness/SUP Fusion

Mr E calls these the more “dude-friendly” options. If you’ve ever dreamed of doing a burpee on a SUP board, here’s where that magic can happen. SUP Fitness incorporates more paddling, boot camp and HIIT style moves into a fast-paced class. SUP Fusion is a combo of yoga, pilates, and bootcamp (OK, so it’s a little girly) and will incorporate elements like the paddle into the workout. If you and your significant other are more active and want to kick things up a notch, book a group or private class to get your fitness on.

SUP paddleboarding

Paddle Out/Sunset Paddle

This is a longer paddle and includes a tour around the Shark River. If you’re looking for a lazy paddle outing, this option is for you.  The sunsets over Shark River are spectacular, and you’ll have the best seat in the house from your SUP board. If you’re looking for a romantic night out, this one is not to be missed. And I’m still waiting to witness a SUP-posal, so if you’re planning an unforgettable engagement this summer, let’s chat!

SUP paddleboarding

SUP paddleboarding
THIS could be your Date Night Sunset View! Taken over Shark River in Belmar, NJ

Paddle ‘N Pour

Change up your usual night at the bar for this one-of-a-kind bar tour.  We travel by paddleboard to the local river bars. It’s hilarious to watch patrons’ reactions as we roll up to the docks. This is where I highly suggest a lesson before coming out for your first time. We do this as group outings, so gather up a few of your friends and come on out for a paddle!  Come to a scheduled outing or book a private time for your crew. (Safety first here people. You’ll be flagged if you get sloppy.)

SUP paddleboarding

SUP paddleboarding

SUP paddleboarding
Cool off after paddling around and make new friends!

Come join myself and the rest of our fabulous mermaid family on the water this summer for a unique date. I’m a sucker for sneaking fitness into a date, so why not try something new together? If you’re a Jersey Shore Local or will be visiting the area, book a lesson, class, or paddle outing today. Mr E and I can’t wait to see you on the water!





SUP paddleboarding
Disclaimer: I am an employee of the Endless SUP Company and am writing this piece to share my love of SUP and ways couples can enjoy fitness together. I was not compensated for my time to write this post.