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New-trition Goals for the New Year: Goal #2 Meal Planning & Meal Prepping


We’ve made it to mid-January, that crucial time when people are either going to stay on track with their goals for the new year, or are abandoning them (or perhaps they never got off the ground). My intention of doing this NEW-trition Goals series this month is to continue to give small goals and motivation that can be worked on over the year, not just this week or this month.  So if you haven’t had a chance getting to last week’s goal of Cook More at Home, then good news – you’ve got plenty more weeks and days in the year to make it happen. Remember- even one more day of doing something positive can make a difference. This week’s goal is one that many people have on their radars for 2018: MEAL PLANNING AND PREPPING

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New-trition Goals for the New Year: Goal #1


Happy New Year to all my couples out there! The other day I discussed what you can do MORE of in 2018. For the month of January, I will be sharing one new goal a week as part of my New-trition Goals for the New Year series. Each week I’ll be discussing a key goal you can work on as a couple to set you up for a successful 2018 when it comes to your health goals. This week’s goal is: COOK MORE AT HOME

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What Can You Do MORE of in 2018?


Congratulations! You have survived 2017 and have officially 2018. While yesterday may have been the start of the New Year, let’s face it. They should just call January 1 #StayInYourPJsAndSitOnTheCouchAllDay Day. The first of the year is the day that we get our final day of relaxation in, watch some college football on TV, reflect on the year that passed, think about what we want to do next year, and mentally psych ourselves up for the week and year ahead. Especially if you’re someone who’s had off of work for the past 1-1.5 weeks, that first day of the year is all about getting yourself back to reality. So now that January 2 is here and the real start of the new year, I have one big question for you, my readers: Continue reading “What Can You Do MORE of in 2018?”

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Nutrition Nuptials 2017 Wrap-Up


Well folks, it’s New Year’s Eve, and that means time to say good-bye to 2017. As we take a few moments today to reflect on this past year, first we need to think about where we started. Last year I indicated my wish for 2017 would focus more on love. I have to say that my wish has come true. This year I have definitely seen a movement among my dietitian colleagues to put more focus on mindfulness, intuitive eating, and finally say good-bye to our old diet culture.  I look forward to continuing this movement away from traditional diet culture and negative mindset in the 2018. But first, let’s take a moment to chat about what’s been happening on my little corner of the internet here on Nutrition Nuptials. AND what I have up my sleeve to come in 2018. Continue reading “Nutrition Nuptials 2017 Wrap-Up”