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New-trition Goals for the New Year: Goal #2 Meal Planning & Meal Prepping


We’ve made it to mid-January, that crucial time when people are either going to stay on track with their goals for the new year, or are abandoning them (or perhaps they never got off the ground). My intention of doing this NEW-trition Goals series this month is to continue to give small goals and motivation that can be worked on over the year, not just this week or this month.  So if you haven’t had a chance getting to last week’s goal of Cook More at Home, then good news – you’ve got plenty more weeks and days in the year to make it happen. Remember- even one more day of doing something positive can make a difference. This week’s goal is one that many people have on their radars for 2018: MEAL PLANNING AND PREPPING

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Couples and Weight Loss Surgery


A recent study of those undergoing weight loss surgery were found to have greater success when their partner was involved in the process.  Weight loss surgery is not a simple one and done approach.  Many factors play into the decision to have surgery, as well as recovery and overall lifestyle changes.  It can be very emotionally and physically draining.  Having a strong support system, especially from your significant other, is so important to overall success in weight loss surgery.  Having your partner involved, including visits to doctors and dietitians, will help with the stress of surgery (along with pre and post concerns).  And if you haven’t found that special someone yet, a close friend will do the trick.