Getting Your Fitness Acts Together


This year for National Nutrition Month®, the focus isn’t just on nutrition, but also the role fitness plays in creating a healthy lifestyle.  If you haven’t always been someone who enjoys working out, chances are it may be harder to get started with a fitness routine.  And if your significant other also is not into working out, that’s a recipe for a sedentary lifestyle together.  However, physical activity plays a major component of a long-term healthy life, so it’s time to get your fitness acts together. Continue reading “Getting Your Fitness Acts Together”

PAVE the Way for Success with Your Partner


There’s a lot of focus this National Nutrition Month® on making changes to our nutrition and fitness habits.  So where do you start when you want to make change in your life?  I’ve created a Mandy-original helpful acronym to help get you out.  When it comes to having a successful, healthy life with your partner, you need to PAVE™ the Way for Success!
Continue reading “PAVE the Way for Success with Your Partner”

Putting the “Habit” in Cohabitation


The decision to live together with your significant other is life-changing. Not only do you lose the freedom of sleeping in a bed by yourself and all those other single behaviors you may have gotten used to (goodbye, peeing with the bathroom door open), but your health and waistline can also incur changes as well when you sign on the dotted line together. Continue reading “Putting the “Habit” in Cohabitation”

The Case of the Serial Grouponers


Are you or your significant other guilty of being Serial Grouponers?  You may be a Serial Grouponer if:

  1. You only workout at gyms/studios that run Groupon/Living Social deals.
  2. You ask your partner/friends/family members to gift you a Groupon deal so you can get double the benefits.
  3. You purposely hold off on trying any new fitness location with the hopes a Groupon will be run so you don’t get denied for not being a “first time client”.

Happy January 16th!  It’s officially mid-month. In the wake of the new year with resolutions and upcoming events in 2015, such as weddings and vacations, getting fit is at the top of a lot of people’s minds this time of year.  And if you’ve already taken my advice to play the fitness field and use this “honeymoon period” to explore fitness options that are right for you, then you may have already started checking out what’s in your neighborhood.  One way people are becoming more adventurous with their fitness is checking out group buying deals. Continue reading “The Case of the Serial Grouponers”

Play the (Fitness) Field


It’s the first week of January, and that means gyms will be packed with the Resolution Revolution.  While it’s great to start taking an interest in fitness, don’t just jump on the first gym deal you’re offered because it’s cheap or convenient. Finding a fitness routine is like dating, so it’s ok to play the field and see what’s out there before fully committing to a gym relationship.  Use this January as a courting period to explore the different fitness options that best suit your needs.  And don’t be fooled by a facility that looks really pretty or has the most up-to-date equipment- remember it’s what on the inside that counts. Continue reading “Play the (Fitness) Field”

Welcome to Nutrition Nuptials!


Welcome to 2015!  I am thrilled to officially launch my nutrition blog, Nutrition Nuptials, a site dedicated exclusively to the health and wellness of couples.  This is your resource for nutrition, fitness, and wellness advice from a Registered Dietitian and fitness trainer.

If you celebrated the holidays getting engaged, married, or honeymooning, then congratulations are certainly in order!  And if you rung in the new year with a kiss from someone who’s name you can’t seem to remember, never fear!  A new year is upon us to meet new people or reconnect with someone from the past.

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