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Easy 5 Ingredient Apple Crisp


This Easy 5 Ingredient Apple Crisp is a perfect alternative to all the pies that may be coming to your Thanksgiving dinner and holiday celebrations. If you’re an apple-picking fan, it’s a great way to use those apples.

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very berry tiny trifles

Recipe: Very Berry Tiny Trifles


When we go out to dinner, Mr E makes it known ahead of time if dessert will be happening. I like this because I can plan my meal accordingly (Split an appetizer? Skip the appetizer? Salad-tizer? Lighter entree?). We very rarely have dessert at home when it’s just the two of us. But having company over is a different story. Rather than making a huge cake or pie that everyone is too full to eat (and stuck with a TON of leftovers!), I’ve been totally jamming on making mini desserts. So when The Recipe Redux announced this month’s theme would be mini morsel desserts, I was thrilled to share one of my small treats.  Continue reading “Recipe: Very Berry Tiny Trifles”