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A Couple’s Nutrition Guide to Pregnancy Planning


Did you know January is the month when the most babies are conceived? It’s probably not a surprise. After all, when it’s freezing cold outside, there are plenty of nights when you’re cozying up together with your Significant Other indoors at home or taking romantic getaways. Add in the post-holidays state, or perhaps a recent engagement, and babies could be on the mind. Nutrition pregnancy expert and fellow dietitian Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD is sharing a guest post today all about nutrition for pregnancy planning for both future moms AND dads.

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Liz Shaw

Couples & Infertility: Interview with Liz Shaw of Bumps to Baby

A common misconception about dietitians is that we have perfect diets and are 100% healthy all the time. The truth is, we’re human.  There are days we eat cake for breakfast, are too tired to workout, and have one more glass of wine than intended. And dietitians have health issues too, like infertility. Today I’m thrilled to share an interview with my dietitian college and nutrition entrepreneur extraordinaire Liz Shaw MS RDN CLT. Liz has publicly shared her fertility struggles in the media and on her new site, Bumps to Baby. Today she’s opening up to the Nutrition Nuptials couples community.

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