leftover easter eggs

Egg-cellent Uses for Leftover Easter Eggs


Happy Day After Easter to all my happy couples out there! If you took part in the tradition of dyeing Easter eggs, chances are you may have a lot of leftover eggs around (especially if you had a lot of ambitious little helpers with your dyeing). Now that the bunny has come and gone, it’s time to put those leftover hardboiled eggs to use. Continue reading “Egg-cellent Uses for Leftover Easter Eggs”


Guest Post: Introducing Healthy Foods at Thanksgiving


Ok, it’s crunch time.  Thanksgiving is officially one week away.  Now that you’ve been mindful of your guests and have planned the perfect menu, it’s time to get cooking.  Perhaps you’re planning to trial a new healthy item with the hopes it will be a hit with the crowd.  Or you’re the health nut going to someone else’s home with the hopes of opening the guests’ eyes to the wonders of kale/cauliflower/brussels sprouts/farro  or any other superfood trend.  How do you handle the initial resistance?  Fellow Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Katie Goldberg gives her advice for introducing new foods at the holidays on today’s Guest Blog post. Continue reading “Guest Post: Introducing Healthy Foods at Thanksgiving”

Grilled Tropical Salsa


Happy Cinco De Mayo! How will you celebrate a day that, according to Mr. E and his 50% Mexican heritage, Mexicans don’t really celebrate (according to him, it’s like celebrating 4th of July on March 3rd)? If the plan is to eat chips with guac and chase it with a margarita for Date Night, you and your significant other may want to rethink your plans to include some more substantial foods into your celebration plans. And just keep driving past Taco Bell. Unless you want to spend Seis de Mayo with that wonderful combo of being bloated AND dehydrated at the same time. Continue reading “Grilled Tropical Salsa”

Pita Chip Crust


I don’t buy many snacks to keep around in our house. No temptation, no snacking. My husband, on the other hand, loves to have a little “crunch” with his sandwiches and always wants to have a side of chips. So as a compromise, one of the few exceptions I’ll make is for Stacy’s Pita Chips. Continue reading “Pita Chip Crust”

My 30-Day Venture Into Veganism Part 2: Why I Got Off The Bus


Yesterday I posted about my experience following a vegan diet for a month. I have the upmost respect for those who choose to be strictly vegan.  A vegan diet was strongly enforced as part of my yoga teacher training for ethical reasons.  However, I did a lot of soul searching and meditation during this time to reflect if I could realistically continue being vegan after training was over.  And here is where I am at this point in my life. Continue reading “My 30-Day Venture Into Veganism Part 2: Why I Got Off The Bus”

My 30-Day Venture into Veganism: Part 1


In February I attended an intensive 10-day yoga teacher training. As part of the training we were strongly encouraged to follow a vegan diet in the month preceding and during the training days. As a semi-vegetarian most of my life where I’ve cut out beef and pork due to personal preference, I didn’t think I’d have too much trouble. I mean, hey, I always treat myself to the local vegan spot whenever the Mr goes out of town. But you learn quickly how animal-based foods play a prominent role in the foods we eat. And I also soon began to miss those foods in my life.

Continue reading “My 30-Day Venture into Veganism: Part 1”

Couples #GimmeFive Contest


In honor of FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign turning 5 thletsmoveweblogois year, I’m challenging my couples out there to #GimmeFive days of eating meals together cooked at home this week!  Share your creations with me in the Comments and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using #NNsaidGimmeFive.  Share 5 days worth of home-cooked meals and enter for a chance to win a $25 Amex gift card towards your next grocery shopping trip!  Last day to enter is Sunday April 12th.

Remember healthy kids grow up in healthy homes. Start good habits now and new family members will join right in.  For more information or ideas on how to get moving, visit Let’s Move!


PAVE the Way for Success with Your Partner


There’s a lot of focus this National Nutrition Month® on making changes to our nutrition and fitness habits.  So where do you start when you want to make change in your life?  I’ve created a Mandy-original helpful acronym to help get you out.  When it comes to having a successful, healthy life with your partner, you need to PAVE™ the Way for Success!
Continue reading “PAVE the Way for Success with Your Partner”

Getting into a Dining Groove


Creating a life together certainly has its challenges.  Whether or not you realize it, your dining habits can play a major role in your relationship with your significant other AND the potential for weight gain.  Maybe you’ve started to put the habit in cohabitation– and maybe you have no clue where to get started.  Never fear, some handy Registered Dietitian tips are here! Continue reading “Getting into a Dining Groove”

What’s your Eating Lifestyle for 2015?


As I say in Divorce these Words, “diet” is a term that needs to be phased out.  Once someone puts the idea of “diet” in their head, they automatically have determined if they are going to be challenged or defeated.  I like to use the term “Eating Lifestyle” instead.  Rather than putting emphasis on what you should not be doing (or should be doing to the EXTREME), “eating lifestyle” focuses on how you eat as opposed to what.  Make it a 2015 goal to start using “eating lifestyle” in place of “diet”. Continue reading “What’s your Eating Lifestyle for 2015?”