Spice Up Your Relationship With Food


In my previous post, I discussed how sodium can have a negative impact on our health.  However, there is always the argument that salt adds flavor.  But salt is the old way of thinking, and there are plenty more options for spicing up the foods in our life.  Time for you and your significant other to say “Bye Bye” to the salt shaker and start playing the field with your spice rack.  Who knows what beautiful new flavor relationships lie ahead? Continue reading “Spice Up Your Relationship With Food”

Lighten Up this Summer


Now that Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, it’s safe to say summer is officially here (even if the calendar and weather don’t agree). Layers of clothes are coming off. Hair gets blonder. Windows and convertible tops go down. White is safe to wear again. And, most importantly, food and beverages lighten up as well. Continue reading “Lighten Up this Summer”