#MadPROPStoAugust – NEW HIIT August Fitness Series



#HIITmebaby31times was such a HIIT, I’m doing another workout series this August. I’ll be posting daily HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts this month (running Aug 8-26) AND make it a contest! The theme of this month is incorporating PROPS into your workout. Since I don’t believe in cost as an excuse NOT to exercise, my focus is on utilizing household items if you don’t have “official” exercise equipment at home. Let’s enjoy some August fitness together as we incorporate our props! Continue reading “#MadPROPStoAugust – NEW HIIT August Fitness Series”

July HIIT #HIITmebaby31times

#HIITmebaby31times – July HIIT Workout Series


Nutrition Nuptials social media followers were treated to an early preview of my new July workout video series over the holiday weekend. As we get into July, fitness can get a little lax while lounging at the beach or pool with a drink in hand with our significant other.  To help keep you motivated, I will be posting daily videos on my Instagram and Facebook with quick High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercises that can be done in under 15 minutes a day.  These drills are designed to challenge the whole body in a short period of time, working multiple muscle groups at once. View all workouts here. Continue reading “#HIITmebaby31times – July HIIT Workout Series”

Couch workout

The Couch Workout


With the Winter Solstice upon us and shorter daylight hours, it’s easy to end the day early and skip a workout altogether in favor of relaxing on the couch after work.  But I am a stickler for No Excuses when it comes to working out.  So just in time for the shortest day of the year, I present to you the Couch Workout. Continue reading “The Couch Workout”