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Over A Dozen Leftover Easter Egg Recipes (Hardboiled Egg Recipe Round-up)


As a kid, I LOVED dyeing Easter eggs. I couldn’t wait to start dipping eggs into the fizzy colored vinegar water with that wire holder that never actually was strong enough to hold up a hardboiled egg. Playing around with dozens of eggs in various color combos was my specialty. Which is why I was always sad when my mom would give away those eggs I worked so hard on to our nearby relatives. And then one day I become an adult and understood why. Because no single household has a need for six dozen colored hardboiled eggs. If you have some overzealous egg dyers in your house (and if it’s YOU and your significant other that’s awesome too!) and have tons of leftover Easter eggs, check out this recipe round-up for some creative uses for those eggs.

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Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays


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