Episode 13: Intuitive Eating for Couples

Podcast 13: Intuitive Eating for Couples


Taco’s back from his fulfilling—and mildly chaotic—trip to India, and after catching us all up with the details of his trek he and Mandy tackle a subject that a lot of people are sensitive to at this time of year: dieting. Right around now, people start falling off the diet they resolved to stick to for New Year’s, but rather that being due to a lack of willpower it could be because the diet itself is not sustainable and conflicts with one’s eating disposition. This is why we’re advocating for intuitive eating, which grooves better with how each person eats and doesn’t get caught up in the statistical minutiae of other highly touted diets.

In our chat, we discuss the 10 core principles of intuitive eating, how we all have different eating personalities—as well as how those personalities affect dieting—and why couples need to be careful when one or both of them are on a diet.

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