Wooed by Food: Love at First Bite


Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you have a Valentine to celebrate with, or close friends and family to share your love, make sure to tell someone you love them today.  Mr E and I have romantic plans of dinner at home since we’re not really into going out to overpriced dinners on sudo-holidays.  As I plan what to make for dinner, it reminds me of the first meal I made for Mr E back in our dating days that started 11 1/2 years ago (eep!).  I was not a dietitian at the time.  A “healthy” meal was less of a priority than a tasty meal. Especially because I wanted to hook my man! So I won him over with my specialty at the time: Chicken Parmesan with homemade sauce.  Obviously it worked! Continue reading “Wooed by Food: Love at First Bite”


My New Year’s Wish: Make 2017 The Year of Love


Happy New Year! As I read though my social media feeds this week, all I see is negativity around 2016.  Yes, there have been a lot of celebrity deaths. Unfair things happened to all of us.  There have also been high points, but so many are focusing on the negative. My wish for all of your in 2017 is simple: I want more love.

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