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Couples Heart Health: Two Hearts That Beat As One


February brings is not only the month of love, but also brings awareness to the strongest muscle in our body: the heart.  Lots of emphasis is put on relationships this month with Valentine’s Day approaching.  But the most important relationship of all is to care for your heart and the heart health of your significant other as we celebrate American Heart Month this February. Continue reading “Couples Heart Health: Two Hearts That Beat As One”

Meatless Meatballs Recipe Recipe | Nutrition Nuptials | Mandy Enright MS RDN RYT

Meatless Meatballs


I am told by my husband that I make some killer meatballs. However, I can’t confirm this myself.  You see, I stopped eating red meat and pork when I was about 13 years old because I just didn’t like it.  For the most part my Italian family was fine with this decision except for one thing- my not eating meat also included no longer eating meatballs. Grandmother= not happy. Continue reading “Meatless Meatballs”

Game Time Decision Chips


A few weeks ago I had over-purchased on potatoes for a recipe I was working on and was left with 1 potato remaining.  Since it was Sunday and my husband was watching the NFL playoffs, I decided to put that potato to use and make some homemade chips. Continue reading “Game Time Decision Chips”