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5 Ingredient or Less Thanksgiving Side Dishes


Thanksgiving week is here, and the countdown in on to prep for the biggest eating holiday of the year. This meal has a lot of moving parts, so complicated dishes aren’t always the best to prepare if you have a lot going on between cooking and hosting. To help simplify your Thanksgiving, I’ve assembled this round-up of 5 Ingredient or Less Thanksgiving Side Dishes.
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Wildtree Picks for Dads Dudes Men | Father's Day Gift Idea | Nutrition Nuptials | Mandy Enright MS RDN RYT |

Top 5 Wildtree Picks for Dads & Dudes


If you’ve been following me over on social media, you’ve probably seen that Mr E & I have a new family member: Shiva the Diva. In the month since we’ve gotten her, she’s been lovable, mischievous, and a showstopper wherever she goes. And she truly lives up to her name! This year we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day with our Fur Baby. And in honor of Father’s Day approaching, I want to share my Top 5 Wildtree Picks for Dads & Dudes. Because even if you’re not celebrating Father’s Day in the traditional sense, a guy’s gotta eat.

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food waste

Food Waste: Accidental or Intentional?


April means Earth Day is upon us. While a lot of attention this week is put on ways to save the planet through recycling and clean water, there is a larger issue coming into play right in your own home: food waste.  According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Resources Institute (WRI), over one-third of food gets lost either during the production process or after purchase. In the US alone, 30-40% of the food supply is wasted, equaling more than 20 pounds of food per person per MONTH. Organic waste is the second highest component of landfills here in America, which are the largest source of methane emissions (and NOT, contrary to belief, cow farts).  Stop being part of the cause. Time to BE the solution against food waste. Continue reading “Food Waste: Accidental or Intentional?”

Meal Prep Challenge


meal prep challenge

I want to hear from you! Whether you are culinary challenged or the next Food Network star, I am looking for people of all skill levels to try out a new meal prep solutions company I am working with. You will have the opportunity to not only prep 10 meals for you and your household, but also share your opinion to be published in an upcoming Nutrition Nuptials blog post.

Rules and benefits of participation in the Meal Prep Challenge:

  • Pre-order your meal prep kit this week and receive FREE SHIPPING*
    • Have 6 friends or family members ANYWHERE in the US who would be interested in meal prepping? Get them to join you in ordering this week, and not only will all of you receive free shipping, but you can also receive your entire kit for FREE
  • Prep all meal recipes provided, share photos of prepped meals, and complete a short survey
  • Receive 10% off plus free shipping on a future order
  • All participants who complete the challenge will be entered to win another FREE meal prep kit

Email ME for more info, view meal prep kit menus, or to join the challenge.

*FREE SHIPPING offer expires 5/9/16 at 11:59pm EST 

Make your voice heard AND prep 10 meals in the process.  You have to eat anyway, so why not have a little fun with the prepping process!  I can’t wait to hear what you think.  Make sure to email ME by Monday 5/9/16 to participate in the Meal Prep Challenge.


meal prep pro

Becoming a Meal Prep Pro


In my last post I discussed WHY meal prepping is important. Now it’s time to discuss the HOW.  Simple strategies, a little time, and a piece of paper or two can help turn your dinnertime routine from a nightmare into a dream.  So let’s turn you into a meal prep pro!

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meal prep

Meal Prep for Success


If you’ve read PAVE™ the Way for Success for a healthy lifestyle with your significant other,  then you know what my #1 rule is: PLANNING.  Planning is where we are successful and avoid falling into old habits (or forming less-than-optimal new ones).  And there is no greater trend happening right now to promote planning as there is with the Meal Prep Phenomenon. Continue reading “Meal Prep for Success”

National Nutrition Month events

Upcoming Events at Nutrition Nuptials


March is officially here!  And not only does it mean we’re getting closer to spring, but it’s now officially National Nutrition Month®! With so much exciting happenings going on in honor of National Nutrition Month®, check out my all-new EVENTS PAGE to stay organized. I have a lot of exciting happenings taking place that are kicking off this month, so make sure you mark your calendar! Continue reading “Upcoming Events at Nutrition Nuptials”

Blizzard Bites

Blizzard Bites for Snowy Days


I hate snow, but I love snow days.  In a world where Mr E and I are constantly running around, it’s nice to have a day here and there where we’re forced to stay indoors.  And there is nothing better a snow day is for than doing some serious cooking making Blizzard Bites. Continue reading “Blizzard Bites for Snowy Days”