Episode 13: Intuitive Eating for Couples

Podcast 13: Intuitive Eating for Couples


Taco’s back from his fulfilling—and mildly chaotic—trip to India, and after catching us all up with the details of his trek he and Mandy tackle a subject that a lot of people are sensitive to at this time of year: dieting. Right around now, people start falling off the diet they resolved to stick to for New Year’s, but rather that being due to a lack of willpower it could be because the diet itself is not sustainable and conflicts with one’s eating disposition. This is why we’re advocating for intuitive eating, which grooves better with how each person eats and doesn’t get caught up in the statistical minutiae of other highly touted diets.

In our chat, we discuss the 10 core principles of intuitive eating, how we all have different eating personalities—as well as how those personalities affect dieting—and why couples need to be careful when one or both of them are on a diet.

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Do MORE in 2018 | Nutrition Nuptials | Mandy Enright MS RDN RYT

What Can You Do MORE of in 2018?


Congratulations! You have survived 2017 and have officially 2018. While yesterday may have been the start of the New Year, let’s face it. They should just call January 1 #StayInYourPJsAndSitOnTheCouchAllDay Day. The first of the year is the day that we get our final day of relaxation in, watch some college football on TV, reflect on the year that passed, think about what we want to do next year, and mentally psych ourselves up for the week and year ahead. Especially if you’re someone who’s had off of work for the past 1-1.5 weeks, that first day of the year is all about getting yourself back to reality. So now that January 2 is here and the real start of the new year, I have one big question for you, my readers: Continue reading “What Can You Do MORE of in 2018?”

mindful eating

How to Master Mindful Eating


The holidays are officially upon us, which can lead to a lack of mindful eating.  Mindful eating is exactly that – paying attention to not only what we’re eating, but how much, where, and why.  Ultimately the why can lead to overeating- whether it be boredom or the desire to keep busy while doing another activity, such as working or watching TV.  When we have too many distractions at a meal, we lose track of how much we’re eating.  The following graphic provides tips and strategies for mastering mindfulness during meals.  Keep these tips handy throughout the holiday season! Continue reading “How to Master Mindful Eating”


Guest Post: How to Have a Sensibly Sweet Halloween


Halloween is coming!  After countless hours of carefully planning the perfect costume and putting on the finishing touches, they will be debuted this weekend for trick or treating.  While we want kids to enjoy the holiday, many parents are concerned how to handle the mass amounts of candy that will be entering into their home.  Yesterday I wrote how those of us without kids keep Halloween healthy for all.  Now read how one fellow Registered Dietitian Nutritionist handles Halloween with her family on today’s Guest Blog post. Continue reading “Guest Post: How to Have a Sensibly Sweet Halloween”

written mediation | Nutrition Nuptials

The Art of Written Meditation


Does the idea of meditation make you picture a monk sitting on top of some remote mountain chanting “OM” over and over? It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of yoga, and while the postures (or asana practice) are what most people think about when it comes to yoga, meditation is actually one of the most disciplined practices in yoga. And if at times you’re losing motivation or encountering high levels in stress in your daily life, it may be time to explore the art of written meditation.  Continue reading “The Art of Written Meditation”