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10 New Years Goals for Couples to Make Instead of Resolutions


Happy New Year! With the new year here, members of a couple may make their own new years resolutions of things they want to change about themselves individually.  The problem is, we all know resolutions don’t typically hold strong. Often they fall short because there’s no plan associated with them. Many can also be lacking accountability. Last year, I posed the question of what you can be doing MORE of in the new year.  I encourage you to continue using the idea of MORE versus less or restrictions. As a couple, consider setting goals you can work on together to increase accountability and success. As we enter the new year, here’s 10 New Years Goals for Couples to make instead of resolutions that will benefit your health and wellness both individually and as a couple.  Continue reading “10 New Years Goals for Couples to Make Instead of Resolutions”

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New-trition Goals for the New Year: Goal #2 Meal Planning & Meal Prepping


We’ve made it to mid-January, that crucial time when people are either going to stay on track with their goals for the new year, or are abandoning them (or perhaps they never got off the ground). My intention of doing this NEW-trition Goals series this month is to continue to give small goals and motivation that can be worked on over the year, not just this week or this month.  So if you haven’t had a chance getting to last week’s goal of Cook More at Home, then good news – you’ve got plenty more weeks and days in the year to make it happen. Remember- even one more day of doing something positive can make a difference. This week’s goal is one that many people have on their radars for 2018: MEAL PLANNING AND PREPPING

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