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New-trition Goals for the New Year: Goal #4


Wow.  January is, like, over. Done. Bye Bye! One Bombcyclone, several below 10 degree days, a few podcast episodes in the can, and many nights of staying in to Netflix ‘N Chill with Mr E helped pass the cold days. For the final addition in my NEW-trition Goals for the New Year series, I wanted to address something that is definitely becoming as much of a food trend as it is a health and environmental matter. As I wrote about in my FNCE recap, plant-based protein is where it’s at this year. So, without further ado, I present to you NEW-trition Goal for the New Year #4: LEAN OUT THE MEAT

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New-trition Goals | Nutrition Nuptials |Mandy Enright MS RDN RYT| New year Goals | cut food costs

New-trition Goals for the New Year: How to Cut Food Costs


Oh mid-January. That time of year where the magic of the holidays is long gone. Not only are we dealing with saying bye-bye to the fun vibe of the holidays, but the time has come where those darn credit card bills have come rolling in. Now it’s time to pay for all those awesome gifts you didn’t care what they cost as long as they made the other person happy. Which is why it’s a great time to address NEW-trition Goal for the New Year #3 this week: CUT FOOD COSTS

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leftover easter eggs

Egg-cellent Uses for Leftover Easter Eggs


Happy Day After Easter to all my happy couples out there! If you took part in the tradition of dyeing Easter eggs, chances are you may have a lot of leftover eggs around (especially if you had a lot of ambitious little helpers with your dyeing). Now that the bunny has come and gone, it’s time to put those leftover hardboiled eggs to use. Continue reading “Egg-cellent Uses for Leftover Easter Eggs”


Resolve to Avoid FADs


This time of year, my social media feeds are flooded with advertisements and posts about all the miraculous quick fixes out there.  Complete with side-by-side photographic evidence!  But as we aim to make changes this time of year, it’s time to be smarter, not gullible, with the choices we make when it comes to weight loss.  And the first step is to know what FADs out their to avoid when it comes to weight loss. Continue reading “Resolve to Avoid FADs”

athlete couples

Nutrition Advice From Power Athlete Couples


A healthy lifestyle is vital to maintaining a wholesome and fulfilling life with your significant other. A combination of a balanced diet and exercise are the two fundamental principles to leading a healthy life – they really are the marriage for health. Following the right nutrition plan can be hard with an influx of information on the web, especially when a lot of it is incorrect. Many people look up to sports stars and aspire to emulate them in both fitness and nutrition.  Here are examples of three power athlete couples and the nutritional advice that surrounds them on following a balanced diet. Continue reading “Nutrition Advice From Power Athlete Couples”


Healthy, Safe Travels


The end of June is here and 4th of July weekend is upon us, and that means Vacation Season is underway now that the kids are out of school.  While vacations are often a motivation for people to make some positive changes to their diet or exercise routine, it can often be short-lived upon arrival. Many people find eating healthy challenging while traveling because there’s “no control over what I’m eating”.  But I’m going to let you in on a little secret- you CAN control what you’re eating.  All it takes is some smarts, some prepping, and a little bravery to speak up. Plus, you’ll save some money to put towards cool souvenirs and experiences on your trip!

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public policy 2016

Mrs Enright Goes to Washington: Reflections on Public Policy Workshop 2016


I’ve never been afraid to speak up and ask for what I want.  And my recent 36 hours in Washington DC were no exception. Every year, the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics holds a Public Policy Workshop, where hundreds of dietitians travel to Washington DC to “Storm the Hill” by approaching their local legislators’ offices about key nutrition issues that we are looking to have passed in Congress.  Yes, that’s right, I got to experience Schoolhouse Rock firsthand!

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pink foods

Paint Your Plate Pink


Every spring in Monmouth County, NJ we have a breast cancer initiative called Paint the Town Pink.  Storefronts feature pink displays.  Street medians are painted pink instead of yellow.  Pink bows hang from trees.  And each town adapts a cute little pink name.  For the next month, I will be a resident of Pinkmar, NJ (see you in June, Belmar!).  Which got me thinking how more pink foods can be incorporated into your home this month to help raise awareness towards the role of nutrition in cancer prevention.  So it’s time to Paint Your Plate Pink! Continue reading “Paint Your Plate Pink”


Nutrition Nuptials App is Here – A Dietitian in your Pocket


It’s official- Nutrition Nuptials now has an app for iPhone and Android phones!  If you ever wished you could have a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist provide daily input on all your meals and snacks, then it has finally come true.  The Nutrition Nuptials app is your pocket dietitian! Continue reading “Nutrition Nuptials App is Here – A Dietitian in your Pocket”

National Nutrition Month Kicks off Tomorrow!


I'm Blogging National Nutrition MonthMarch is National Nutrition Month.  All month long, nutrition and fitness-focused events will be taking place promoting the theme of  “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right”.  Here in NJ, the NJ Dietetic Association (NJDA) has been working hard creating state-wide events focused on nutrition and fitness.  And we’re looking forward to YOU joining us!  Check out the upcoming events coming to NJ. Continue reading “National Nutrition Month Kicks off Tomorrow!”