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Kombullet Kocktail (Probiotic Cocktail)


After taking almost a year hiatus, today I’m making my return to The Recipe Redux! I put my Reduxing on hold because my time to blog has been a little limited due to other projects, and my blog dedicated to helping couples was starting to turn more into a recipe blog than lifestyle focused. But when I saw this month’s theme was to create a probiotic cocktail, I simply couldn’t resist! Today also marks the return of Mr E’s Cocktail Corner with our combined effort to bring you the Kombullet Kocktail.

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FNCE 2017 Finds


If you were in Chicago last week, it’s highly likely you saw mass amounts of folks walking around with name tags and ribbons around their necks. Those were the almost 13,000 of my dietitian colleagues who attended the annual Food & Nutrition Conference Expo (aka our beloved FNCE) in celebration of 100 years of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. While the educational sessions are great, my main reasons for attending are to connect with colleagues, network, and check out the up & coming food trends. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve already gotten a sneak peak of some of my FNCE 2017 finds. And if you don’t, now is as good a time as ever to start following along. For my couples out there who want to be on top of the food and nutrition trends, here are what you’ll be seeing more of in stores over the next few months. Continue reading “FNCE 2017 Finds”

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Go With Your Gut: Healthy From the Inside Out


Last week I had the opportunity to speak about gut health at Dean’s Market in Ocean, NJ. I was thrilled for the chance to get into the community speaking about nutrition and a popular health topic from a registered dietitian perspective. In case you were unable to attend the live event (or were there and want a recap), read on to learn about the role our guts play in our health, and the foods we can eat to keep our insides happy and healthy. Quite the relationship! 

Gut Health. If you haven’t heard about it yet as newsworthy or a health trend, you will.  Gut health has slowly been creeping up as a hot topic in the health world for the past few years, making its way into the consumer world and grocery stores.  I talked about this a bit following my last trip to FNCE back in October.  Next time you go grocery shopping, take note of the yogurt section in your store. Has it evolved into a wall vs a shelf or two from a few years ago? This isn’t by accident or because people really like yogurt these days. It’s because the health benefits of yogurt, particularly the probiotics, have been praised in the media. But as I always say, yogurt is not the end all, be all, when it comes to gut health. So first lets take a step back and look at what’s happening on the inside. Continue reading “Go With Your Gut: Healthy From the Inside Out”

lunch bowl

Recipe: The PRO Bowl (Protein & Probiotics Lunch Bowl)


Happy Spring!  This month’s challenge for The Recipe Redux is “Spring Clean Your Fridge” in honor of the first day of spring.  I have a tendency to buy a lot of items in the grocery store with good intentions of using for recipe development.  Therefore I was thrilled with the recent challenge of ONLY using items currently available in my fridge and pantry.  I decided to give my usual lunch a makeover with a lunch bowl.  The lunchtime PRO Bowl is born!

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FNCE 2015: New Food Trends to Try Together


This past weekend I was at our annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo, lovingly referred to as FNCE (pronounce “fence-E”), hosted by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. First off, I’d like to say “HI!” to all the fellow dietitians I met over the past few days. We truly have some amazing minds and leaders in our field. If you haven’t heard the words “microbiome” or “FODMAP” yet, they’ll become household names and topping your Google searches soon. In addition to learning about new research and happenings in the field of nutrition, it also was a chance for food companies to debut new products & trends. Continue reading “FNCE 2015: New Food Trends to Try Together”