Resolve to Avoid FADs


This time of year, my social media feeds are flooded with advertisements and posts about all the miraculous quick fixes out there.  Complete with side-by-side photographic evidence!  But as we aim to make changes this time of year, it’s time to be smarter, not gullible, with the choices we make when it comes to weight loss.  And the first step is to know what FADs out their to avoid when it comes to weight loss. Continue reading “Resolve to Avoid FADs”

reset button

Hitting the Reset Button


It’s never too late to hit the reset button to focus your path for the year.  Check out my latest piece written for Yogasmoga’s community blog Rangoli.  Learn tips for getting back on track for the year – and don’t forget to include your significant other in your plans. Remember that goals are year-round, not just for January.  READ NOW

Continue reading “Hitting the Reset Button”