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Over 25 Creative Cooking Uses for Salt


Happy February! Today not only kicks off Heart Health Month, BUT it’s Wear Red Day. So, I hope everyone is rocking their red today! One of the biggest heart health recommendations is to cut back on sodium, which is an element found in salt. Sources of high sodium foods include pre-processed foods, dining out, and foods naturally high in sodium. Table salt as an ingredient is often targeted to swap or replace to help lower sodium content. But, salt is one of our most popular cooking ingredients. And just a little bit of salt can make a difference in the kitchen. Check out these creative cooking uses for salt, plus learn about a salt alternative that tastes like salt but contains significantly less sodium than traditional table salt. Continue reading “Over 25 Creative Cooking Uses for Salt”

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Comparing Different Types of Salt


When it comes to comparing different types of salt available in the stores, it can feel overwhelming. Which salt should you be using for cooking? Do colors or size of granules make a difference? Should you be using salt at all? And is Pink Himalayan Salt really all social media cracks it up to be? This post will set the record straight by comparing different types of salt available for your cooking needs.

Continue reading “Comparing Different Types of Salt”

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4 Major Signs You’re Eating Too Much Salt


Time for some Monday Motivation as we get ready to enter into the holiday season. Salt in our foods can be sneaky and cause serious health problems if we let them go too long unnoticed. I give the scoop on what’s really shaking with the salt in our eating lifestyles. Continue reading “4 Major Signs You’re Eating Too Much Salt”


Spice Up Your Relationship With Food


In my previous post, I discussed how sodium can have a negative impact on our health.  However, there is always the argument that salt adds flavor.  But salt is the old way of thinking, and there are plenty more options for spicing up the foods in our life.  Time for you and your significant other to say “Bye Bye” to the salt shaker and start playing the field with your spice rack.  Who knows what beautiful new flavor relationships lie ahead? Continue reading “Spice Up Your Relationship With Food”


Breaking Up with Sodium


This year’s theme for National Nutrition Month is “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right”. One of the inspirations for this theme is to educate the public to appreciate the flavor of foods, and how to utilize foods to provide flavor without the addition of unwanted nutrients. One of the main nutrients that we look to limit is sodium, an essential nutrient that has been linked to heart disease when consumed in excess amounts. Given that heart disease is the #1 killer in the US, learn why breaking up with sodium will be the best relationship you could ever end – and make your heart happy at the same time.   Continue reading “Breaking Up with Sodium”