Nutrition-Nuptials-Podcast-Episode-24 Jersey Shore Summer Couples Guide

Episode 24: Jersey Shore Summer Couples Guide


We’ve reached the finale of Nutrition Nuptials season 1! Maybe not as high profile as that Game of Thrones episode, but it’s a definite change of pace. Instead of discussion nutrition and exercise, Mandy and Taco are closing out the season by talking about their home turf, the Jersey Shore, which to them is like a year-round vacation. For this final episode before the summer break, Mandy and Taco take you on a guided tour of the Jersey Shore, dish out their favorite restaurants, clubs and activities, and explain why exactly Taco is called “Taco.”

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Staycation | Nutrition Nuptials

How To: Staycation


One of the cool things about becoming a couple is forming your own traditions. When Mr. E and I started dating, we had Sunday date night of dinner and ice cream at our favorite local shops. There were Tuesday night Beat the Clocks (which is another story for another time). And a few years ago we started Staycation.  Continue reading “How To: Staycation”

Squashing the Summer Blues with Quinoa Stuffed Squash


It may be Local Summer in my Jersey Shore town, but sadly Fall will be arriving on Thursday this week. Shorter days, jackets, and pumpkin everything are here. Mr E and I are the first to admit we are not fans of the changing seasons.  But there are still a fews ways to slowly transition into the colder weather, and the first starts with food. These quinoa stuffed squash are a great way to start the move into the new season. Continue reading “Squashing the Summer Blues with Quinoa Stuffed Squash”

Summer Bucket List


The sun is about to set on summer.  Every year, Mr. E and I create a Summer “To Do” list of things we want to do and see. Now that Labor Day Weekend is upon us, it’s time to check off what we accomplished, create a game plan for this weekend, and see what can carry over to the Fall.  How did Summer 2015 stack up?  Continue reading “Summer Bucket List”

Lighten Up this Summer


Now that Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, it’s safe to say summer is officially here (even if the calendar and weather don’t agree). Layers of clothes are coming off. Hair gets blonder. Windows and convertible tops go down. White is safe to wear again. And, most importantly, food and beverages lighten up as well. Continue reading “Lighten Up this Summer”