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Flu Season and Essential Oils


As a yogi and holistic health practitioner, I have become fascinated with the role essential oils can play in our health and well-being. Mr E knows I can’t go to sleep at night without my diffuser running. And whenever I get sick, the I turn to the oils before I go to the medicine cabinet. Which is why I’m thrilled to start a new guest post series on Nutrition Nuptials from essential oils expert, Lauren Clyne. Today she’s talking about all about how to battle flu season with essential oils.

You may have heard that this flu season has been one of the worst. Not only that, but the flu vaccine effectiveness is being reported at somewhere between 10% and 30%. That hardly gives me warm and fuzzy feelings, but have no fear, that doesn’t mean we have to suffer as we have safe and effective alternatives at our fingertips.

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New-trition Goals for the New Year: Goal #4


Wow.  January is, like, over. Done. Bye Bye! One Bombcyclone, several below 10 degree days, a few podcast episodes in the can, and many nights of staying in to Netflix ‘N Chill with Mr E helped pass the cold days. For the final addition in my NEW-trition Goals for the New Year series, I wanted to address something that is definitely becoming as much of a food trend as it is a health and environmental matter. As I wrote about in my FNCE recap, plant-based protein is where it’s at this year. So, without further ado, I present to you NEW-trition Goal for the New Year #4: LEAN OUT THE MEAT

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New-trition Goals | Nutrition Nuptials |Mandy Enright MS RDN RYT| New year Goals | cut food costs

New-trition Goals for the New Year: How to Cut Food Costs


Oh mid-January. That time of year where the magic of the holidays is long gone. Not only are we dealing with saying bye-bye to the fun vibe of the holidays, but the time has come where those darn credit card bills have come rolling in. Now it’s time to pay for all those awesome gifts you didn’t care what they cost as long as they made the other person happy. Which is why it’s a great time to address NEW-trition Goal for the New Year #3 this week: CUT FOOD COSTS

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20 Tips for Adding More Fruits & Veggies


A 2015 study by the Produce for Better Health Foundation noted that overall intake of fruits and veggies has declined 7% over the past 5 years.  As part of a healthy diet, the Dietary Guidelines recommends 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies daily, however many people fail to meet this goal.  Read on for tips how you and your significant other can increase fruits and veggies throughout the day and during National Nutrition Month.

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holiday party

Holiday Party Survival Guide


The holidays are in full effect and you know what that means- holiday party time is here!  From work parties to catching up with friends and family, you can’t escape the onslaught of hors D’oevres, cookies, and cocktails coming your way.  But you can prepare for it with this handy Holiday Party Survival Guide. Continue reading “Holiday Party Survival Guide”

Heat Wave Hydration Tips


It’s a hot one here in NJ today!  Days like today it’s especially important to stay hydrated.  Dehydration can put stress on the heart & kidneys, while putting us at risk for heat cramps and stroke.  To stay cool together during these hot and sweaty days, here’s some tips for keeping you and your significant other cool. Continue reading “Heat Wave Hydration Tips”