TWO-getherness Tips #2: More Love, Hugs, and Kisses


It’s Valentine’s Month! Just because the big day of LOVE was last week doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating. Obviously, Nutrition Nuptials is all about celebrating love that our couples have for each other. Which is why we’re going to get a little lovey dovey this week with TWO-getherness Tip #2: More Love, Hugs, and Kisses

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Valentine’s Post-Mortem


Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  You may assume that as someone who writes a blog dedicated to couples, I would be a big softy for Valentine’s Day.  The truth is, Valentine’s is super-low in my rankings when it comes to favorite holidays.  Part of it comes from being a jaded single high schooler.  And part of it comes from my lack of understanding why I have to be forced to tell the one I love that I’m supposed to love them extra special one day a year.

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