2017 registry recommendations

Scan It! 2017 Registry Recommendations

Wedding season is officially upon us. And anyone who is part of it knows that it’s never just about the wedding. There’s the events leading up to the wedding, including bridal showers If you’re one of the thousands of couples getting married this summer, then I’m sure at least one of you have spent hours stressing over items to put on your registry. Researching which pepper grinder is right for you. Making sure you both agree on that china pattern – or maybe china isn’t even on your radar.  When you’re a shower guest, you want to make sure the gift you’re giving will not only make a splash with “oohs and ahhhs” as the bride holds up each item, but want to make sure it’s something that actually gets used. Or at least put prominently on display. That’s where my annual Nutrition Nuptials Registry Recommendation comes into play!

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registry remorse

Registry Remorse


Thank you all for the positive response to the 2016 Wedding Registry Recommendations provided by my Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) colleagues. While I hope you enjoyed the recommendations and maybe have a few new items on your wish list, I’m sorry to say that not all registry items are going to be stars in your home. Like a promising college athlete recruited in the NFL draft and fizzles in the pros, there are a few registry items that just don’t make the All-Star Kitchen Team, causing us to have some registry remorse.  Continue reading “Registry Remorse”

registry recommendations

Scan It! 2016 Nutrition Nuptials Dietitian Registry Recommendations


Wedding Season is here. For those brides with upcoming weddings, many of the big details have been taken care of – menu finalized, dress fittings taking place, hair and make-up trials getting scheduled. And looking forward to a nice afternoon getting showered with gifts from family and friends.

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Banish the the Newlywed 15


Weight gain after wedding is common among couples- but does it have to be the norm?  Check out my latest tips on Inside Weddings for how couples can prevent the Newlywed 15.

Inside Weddings

What has worked for you?  

What do you and your significant other find the most challenging?

Sound off in the Comments below.  Your questions may be the topic of a future blog post.   


Welcome to Nutrition Nuptials!


Welcome to 2015!  I am thrilled to officially launch my nutrition blog, Nutrition Nuptials, a site dedicated exclusively to the health and wellness of couples.  This is your resource for nutrition, fitness, and wellness advice from a Registered Dietitian and fitness trainer.

If you celebrated the holidays getting engaged, married, or honeymooning, then congratulations are certainly in order!  And if you rung in the new year with a kiss from someone who’s name you can’t seem to remember, never fear!  A new year is upon us to meet new people or reconnect with someone from the past.

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Engaging Engagement Facts


According to The Knot:     

*16% of engagements happen in December

*14 months is the average length of engagements in the US

*15% of weddings take place in either June or September

*The average size of the center stone in a ring is 1.1 carats

*Round is the most popular diamond cut for engagement rings

*Men spend an average of 4.4 months researching rings and 3.4 months shopping for THE ring

*81% of men ask on bended knee

*54% of engagements happen just between a couple, while 36% are asked in a public place

*57% of grooms are nervous when they propose!

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