Resolve to Avoid FADs


This time of year, my social media feeds are flooded with advertisements and posts about all the miraculous quick fixes out there.  Complete with side-by-side photographic evidence!  But as we aim to make changes this time of year, it’s time to be smarter, not gullible, with the choices we make when it comes to weight loss.  And the first step is to know what FADs out their to avoid when it comes to weight loss. Continue reading “Resolve to Avoid FADs”

The Shame of Shaming


I recently had a patient come see me in my private practice who broke down into tears on my couch.  Her boyfriend of over 10 years calls her negative names and makes her feel ashamed of the recent weight gain she’s experienced in the past few years due to stress.  In addition to being frustrated with her weight, she now has uncontrolled diabetes and feels completely hopeless.  It absolutely broke my heart to hear the things she told me. Continue reading “The Shame of Shaming”

Back to School Challenge


This past week my Facebook feed has been full of my friends’ children dressed in their new fall clothes being shipped off to school.  Yes, it’s Back to School season for many families.  And even if you’re not sending kids off to school these days, it’s still a great time to make some changes to go along with the unofficial changing of the season.  Learning how to pack meals for you and your significant other to take to work not only makes a difference for your wallet, but also your waistline. Continue reading “Back to School Challenge”

Banish the the Newlywed 15


Weight gain after wedding is common among couples- but does it have to be the norm?  Check out my latest tips on Inside Weddings for how couples can prevent the Newlywed 15.

Inside Weddings

What has worked for you?  

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