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Top 5 Wildtree Picks for Dads & Dudes


If you’ve been following me over on social media, you’ve probably seen that Mr E & I have a new family member: Shiva the Diva. In the month since we’ve gotten her, she’s been lovable, mischievous, and a showstopper wherever she goes. And she truly lives up to her name! This year we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day with our Fur Baby. And in honor of Father’s Day approaching, I want to share my Top 5 Wildtree Picks for Dads & Dudes. Because even if you’re not celebrating Father’s Day in the traditional sense, a guy’s gotta eat.

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Chocolate Coconut Smoothie Recipe | Wildtree Balanced Meals Shake | Nutrition Nuptials | Mandy Enright MS RDN RYT

Recipe: Chocolate CocoNUT Smoothie


Hey Spring- thanks for making a cameo appearance over the weekend. Saturday Mr E and I broke out our SUP boards for the first time this year and took a paddle across the river from our home to local river bar. And then Sunday we were back to wearing heavy coats, gloves and hats. What a tease! I know real warm weather will be coming our way soon, so to stay in the mood I suggest whipping up this Chocolate CocoNUT Smoothie for a tropical treat!

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Mug Breakfast | Nutrition Nuptials

2-Minute Microwave Breakfast Mug


You know you heard it a million times as a kid. And if you’re Taco, my nutrition clients, or have been to one of my presentations, then you’ve heard me repeatedly tell you: DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST! Skipping breakfast has been linked to higher rates of obesity due to slower metabolism and tendency to overeat at other meals. When we don’t eat breakfast, we’re denying our body energy to get moving in the morning, which can lead to foggy brains, droopy eyes, and hangry significant others. Not the stuff dream days are made of. That’s why I’m sharing a great breakfast solution to try with your sweetie.

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meal prep

Meal Prep for Success


If you’ve read PAVE™ the Way for Success for a healthy lifestyle with your significant other,  then you know what my #1 rule is: PLANNING.  Planning is where we are successful and avoid falling into old habits (or forming less-than-optimal new ones).  And there is no greater trend happening right now to promote planning as there is with the Meal Prep Phenomenon. Continue reading “Meal Prep for Success”