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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a sneak peek of the Nutrition Nuptials Podcast. Meet your hosts, Mandy and Taco Enright. Check out the show that’s dedicated to helping couples learn how to live their happily, health-fully ever after.  Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to get new episodes as they become available. Subscribe to the Nutrition Nuptials Podcast on iTunes, Google PlayStitcher, Radio Public, and more.

About your Hosts:

Mandy Enright, MS, RDN, RYT is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and fitness instructor. She is the creator of the blog, Nutrition Nuptials, where she has been helping couples learn how to merge their lifestyles together and served as the inspiration for this podcast. Mandy is dedicated to helping teach people how to fit the foods they love into their lifestyle with an “all foods fit” philosophy. She is joined every episode by her co-host and husband, Taco (loyal readers of the blog will know him as Mr E). Taco and Mandy are active beach bums who live at the Jersey Shore and are always exploring restaurants, breweries, wineries, and perfect sunsets. You can check out their finds on Instagram by following #AdventuresOfTacoAndMandy.



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Learn how this guy celebrated Valentine’s Day with us! 

He’s calling all his friends telling them to check out the Nutrition Nuptials Podcast and so should you! 

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