Valentine’s Post-Mortem


Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  You may assume that as someone who writes a blog dedicated to couples, I would be a big softy for Valentine’s Day.  The truth is, Valentine’s is super-low in my rankings when it comes to favorite holidays.  Part of it comes from being a jaded single high schooler.  And part of it comes from my lack of understanding why I have to be forced to tell the one I love that I’m supposed to love them extra special one day a year.

Mr E of course was super-jazzed when he started dating a girl who didn’t expect flowers and chocolate on Valentine’s Day.  While I could tell you where we first kissed, went on our first date, and where he proposed,  I honestly couldn’t tell you how we spent our first Valentine’s Day (I suspect pizza and a movie was involved). Valentine'sAnd that goes for most Valentine’s Days we’ve celebrated over the past 10+ years.

In an attempt to celebrate an Anti-Valentine’s Day, I typically make it a point to cook a special meal.  The heart shaped ravioli with truffle lobster sauce I made was a winner.  This year, in an attempt to stay in the island spirit to honor our recent trip to Hawaii, I created a macadamia nut crust with pineapple mango habanero salsa.  Mr E opens a special bottle of wine or champagne.  And occasionally we even remember to give each other a card.

Whether you spent this Valentine’s Day getting engaged, getting roses, or getting together with your best buds to avoid lovey-dovey couples, remember that the day encourages us to express love towards those who are important to us.  While I don’t agree that a greeting card holiday should be dictating it, occasionally it’s nice to have a reminder to tell the people we love how important they are in our lives.

If you didn’t do so on Valentine’s Day, make a note in your calendar to reach out to those special people in your life and say Hi on a day or days that are significant to you.  In this age of digital communication, it’s especially touching to receive a Valentine'sphone call or even a card from a friend I haven’t spoken with in awhile.  Reach out to those people who are NOT your significant other to catch up.  I can admit that I am guilty of becoming so engrossed with my own life responsibilities that sometimes the other relationships in my life can take the back burner.  But I wouldn’t be who I am today without all the friends and family in my life, and sometimes I need to remind them of that.

This post-Valentine’s Day, I invite you to create your own day for reaching out to special people in your life to connect.  And do it in a non-digital way.  Feel free to tell them I inspired you to call them 😉